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This is a text-based re-enactment of Boromir's death scene from The Fellowship of the Ring. In the book and movie Boromir heroically defends two of his companions against a pack of orcs and uruk-hai warriors. After slaying many foes, Boromir is mortally wounded by archers. 

In this simulator Boromir face off against one orc at a time. How many orcs can he defeat before his inevitable death? 

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The simulation uses Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition rules.

I originally implemented it in Python in 2003. In 2011, I ported it to HTML5.

The HTML5 version uses the Application Cache to enable offline use, and has been tested on IE8, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and iOS.

(Source: Author's description)

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boromir death simulator
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