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Interactive audio-visual artwork existing as a CD-ROM (published Ellipsis, London) and a website (1994). Book of Shadows has two components, a traditional book and a cd-rom. The book includes print versions of two works, 'Book of Shadows' and 'The Living Room', and essays covering Simon Biggs' videos (by Steven Bode), installations (Rudolf Frieling), and interactive works (Sean Cubitt). Rich in content and highly interactive, the CD-ROM is a showcase of Biggs' highly regarded interactive art, most of which was originated as large-scale computer-controlled installations. Where the original works reacted to the presence and actions of an audience within a gallery or public space, the user of the CD-ROM interacts through movement of the mouse. The works explore Biggs' preoccupations with metaphysics and identity though a series of compelling and arresting images and animations that are both aesthetically and technically fascinating.

(Source: Publisher's description)

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The CD-ROM is cross platform (Mac 68040 or Power PC running System 7.0 or better or PC compatable 486 or Pentium CPU running Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 or later - it has a zero system footprint, so no special software or system extensions are required.

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Simon Biggs