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Bodybuilding is an interactive installation which ironically stages the relation between the body, technology, and language. The user is active in a bodybuilding machine. Moving the weights, he or she affects the text movement on the screen in front of him or her. The text consists of erotic fragments stored in a database and selected randomly according to the user’s action. Here, the body, being a consuming and styling object of the Techno-culture, serves—paradoxically in full action—for the imaginative access to the verbally mediated erotic world, where the body simultaneously is a central theme. However, during the reading process, the user’s hands have to remain above the blankets—i.e., on the machine. Beyond, the textual dialog simultaneously functions as a commentary on the user’s situation in the machine.

Source: p0es1s exhibition catalog record, 2004

Description (in original language): 

Wenn der Benutzer die Arme gegen die Gewichte nach vorne bewegt, werden auf dem Monitor Texte eingeblendet. Die Texte sind Dialoge und Dialogfragmente, die aus pornographischen Zusammenhängen stammen, diesen aber nicht eindeutig zuzuordnen sind.

Die Arbeit wurde u.a. in Hamburg, Marseille und Osaka gezeigt. Source: Author's project page

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Patricia Tomaszek