Astres / Stars

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This e-poetry project, is based on a poetic body of work of the Canadian-Welsh author Childe Roland and the images of the Canadian photographer Susan Coolen.

Astres / Stars / Goleuadau stands as a metaphorical representation of the black holes in astronomy and the death of supernovas. The series is composed of sound poems in which all verses first syllables start as an aspirated syllable which slowly dries up the throat. The spoken words only stand when read loud, « like a string of curses launched to pitiless stars » (Childe Roland). Written in three languages, French, English and Welsh, the texts are organized in sets of themes and approach various contemporary issues: environment, epidemics, computerization, globalization, etc.
The photographic work of Susan Coolen also evolves around the cosmos’ theme. In the ongoing project Astral Projections, Coolen stages objects and links her collecting of specimens to space imagery. Often playful, and linking to fictional accounts of travel to the Moon and beyond, Astral Projections opens up the imaginative possibilities of multiple entities and possibilities inhabiting our vast cosmos.

(Source: Agence Topo)

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