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Arrested" is a play on preconceptions regarding social, ethnic, religious, and political affiliations.

Artist Statement
Although created ten years ago "Arrested" continues to comment meaningfully on the phenomena of social classification and judgment (seemingly) inherent in human society. What makes the project particularly interesting and poignant is that it encourages reflection on the systems of labeling and judgment that are both internal and external (to the self), and invites readers to observe their own biases (with a possible chuckle).

"Arrested" employs a flipbook format in which offenders and offenses are randomly culled from database repositories. The flipbook's random display of elements offers up individualized texts to each audience. These in turn provide the opportunity for individual interpretation (internal visualization) and subsequent contemplation.

"Arrested" is both serious and silly. It is the intermingling of these that potentially provides the impetus for change in regards to awareness of/attitudes towards difference, and fears associated therewith.

"Arrested" is a play on preconceptions regarding social, ethnic, religious, and political affiliations. For me personally, it acts as a bridge between my unconscious attitudes and my conscious self-awareness. When any pairing of offenders and offenses is displayed on the monitor and my inner voice responds either in agreement or disagreement that such a pairing could indeed take place, I know, that is, I am made consciously aware that I have preconceptions, i.e. prejudices regarding that particular group/scenario. For example, if the pairing of "Some Republicans were arrested for burning their bras" were to be displayed, a visual develops in my mind. I become aware that I have certain notions regarding both Republican activities and the "type" of individual who would burn their bra. I become aware. I become aware. I become aware.

(Source: 2008 ELO Media Arts show)

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