angel - hengel - angel - sting - fishing line

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A poem in 3 languages with an equal number of voices and an infinite number of experiences. Part games, part story, within this 'Pulp Culture' experience, the abstract behaviour of verbal form leaves space for various interpretations of the text. Depending on the user, is a multivocal monologue or a dialogue. Due to the different sequences and conjunctions of sound and typography, the manuscript of Tsead Bruinja is different every time: Lit de ├╗nderhannelings begjinne! Laat de onderhandelingen beginnen! Let the negotiations commence! (a word game by the Frisian Tsead Bruinja, the American Ryan Pescatore Frisk and Dutch Catelijne van Middelkoop) (Translation Description on Literatuur Op Het Scherm)

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Hannah Ackermans