Anacrón: Hipótesis de un Producto Todo

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Anacrón, Hipótesis de un producto todo is the vertiginous text that calls to the dead and the imagination. Both the subjects are attached to Mexican culture since ancient times and more than ever in our actual global society. Anacrón is an eclectic aesthetic e-poem that aims to respect the linear textual reading of the poem while it explores the boundaries of collaboration, multimedia and video game. Gabriel, the poet, and Augusto, the bandit. The entire project has developed without meeting each other. All communication has been done by e-mail. The journey starts when Augusto found an abandoned book called Caja over a couch in a Cafe at Puebla city. Of course, he stole both: the coffee and the book.

(Source: ELO 2014 Conference)

Hypermedia with recombinatory text, colourful images and noisy sounds about people who die. It is a vertiginous text imitating old fashioned videogames effects. The topic of death is displayed in a sarcastic like in This is how you will die (2005) by Jason Nelson. The cultural context reflected is the representation of death in Mexican folklore like in Carmen Gil’s El alebrije (2004). Acrobat and Flash Player have been used to shock the reader with visual and sound effects like in a game. The entire project was developed by e-mail correspondence between both authors which shows how an online work can be made without need of personal contact.

(Source: Maya Zalbidea)

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Requirements: Acrobat 10 or later and Flash player installed.

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