Ambulance: An Electronic Novel

Description (in English): 

Very little information about this work is available online. P. Sugarman writes that "Ambulance is about some Gen-Xers who run into a string of spectacularly bad luck involving a car accident and a serial killer disguised as an ambulance driver. One of the most effective elements here is the music sampling. The droning repetition of the musical phrases, over & over while you absorb slices of the story, gives the whole experience an obsessive, claustrophobic feeling." (

Technical notes: 

As of 1993, the technical requirements were "a Macintosh with a HD drive and 2 megs of RAM." Created in Director.

Contributors note: 

Artwork by Jaime Hernandez, sampled music by Mike Watt, and story by Monica Moran. Jaime Levy was, apparently, the creator/producer. 

Screen shots: 
Screenshot from Jaime Levy and Monica Moran's "Ambulance" (1993)
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Jill Walker Rettberg