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Alphaweb is a hypertext consisting of poetry and ruminations, graphics, and fragments of the Coriolis Codex, suggesting (but hardly conclusively) a special relationship between angels and dragons. The work has at least three interpenetrating structures, approximately 250 areas and three times that many doors and passageways. The structure that is always present for orientation is the alphabetical structure; both the poems and the angels progress from A to Z, a comfort for those who like to proceed in an orderly fashion from A to Z, or at least to B. The stability of this structure is seriously compromised by built-in folds in the alphabet; because you can link to any letter from any area, the structure can be used to demolish itself at the behest of the traveler. A prolonged wander will reveal interior structures, jointly created by author and traveler, which are the work itself. The author suggests a dark room for optimum viewing of the graphics. --drs

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Jill Walker Rettberg