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Public Domain
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A booklet about the beginning of the universe generated by a 256-character Perl script. It's a part of publisher Paper View Books' Pluriversalis collection.

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A SWERVE forms the silence & plays up the void & bends the absence & plays the blankness & rings the silence & skews the blankness & jams the absence & banks up the absence & flows the void & jams the silence & banks the stillness & bends in the silence & forms in the silence & hacks the blankness & rings the void & jumps the stillness & howls the blankness &

Screen shots: 
Photograph of "All-Singing"'s front cover. The book is bright orange, lying on a grey carpet.
Photograph of "All-Singing", open to the title page, with source code is printed in black text.
Photograph of "All-Singing"'s first page, with main text begins “A SWERVE...”
Photograph of "All-Singing"'s back cover, with public domain declaration.
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