Alarmingly These Are Not Lovesick Zombies

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alarmingly these are not lovesick zombies could be considered a near unplayable art-game. Each level is built to be both won and lost, where the player shoots strange enemy objects with increasingly absurd and broken guns, and wildly deviating scoring systems. Behind the experience are odd hand-made videos of toy play and between the levels are narrative clips told with old matchbooks from small towns of the prairie. With perhaps the best title ever given to a game or otherwise, ATANLZ is both disrupted art-game and experience in frenetic madness, an interactive collage engine born from the pixilated undead.

(Source: Artist's Statement, The NEXT)

The game itself is a basic shooter, you aim with the mouse, move around with the arrow keys, and shoot with a click. Your enemies are "zombies" of various types, spider heads, number trays, hubcaps; though for all their cosmetic variation they play alike. Each level, likewise is only distinguished by its background, the gameplay doesn't really change, which is something of a step back from Nelson's first "game". (It's important to note that Jason has a lot of work that is interactive, but doesn't qualify as a game.) What ATANLZ does do as well or better than GGGaAG is provide a smooth flow of sensory overload coupled with more coherent thoughts.

(Source: Game Rreview)

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