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Ah articulates a simple paradox of reading animated digital literature, which is that the eye, and by extension the mind, often has no sense of the future of a sentence or line of text and, more importantly, is not given the chance to retread an already witnessed word or phrase. Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industry's Dakota is a perfect illustration of this principle. In Ah, the central object of rumination is Einstein, but just as the physicist pondered the numberless variations between the presence of a "1" and "0," this Flash animation brings us back and forth between clever articulations and the ambiguous expressivity of single letters and syllables.

Description (in original language): 

Uitgangspunt is een tekst die zich tussen ademen en zingen beweegt en die het stromen van de tijd tot thema heeft. De woorden bewegen in en uit elkaar op een wijze die de ademhaling nabootst; en af en toe gaat het douchelied de hoogte in.

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