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Rebooting Electronic Literature Volume 3 Dene Grigar, Holly Slocum, Kathleen Zoller, Nicholas Schiller, Moneca Roath, Mariah Gwin
Explorations in Critical Discourse and New Media Studies: Essays in Honour of Rotimi Taiwo
The Digital Imaginary: Literature and Cinema of the Database
Rebooting Electronic Literature: Documenting Pre-Web Born Digital Media Volume 2 Dene Grigar, Nicholas Schiller, Holly Slocum, Moneca Roath, Kathleen Zoller, Mariah Gwin, Andrew Nevue
Disrupting the Digital humanities
Introduction of a Post-Digital: Dialogues and Debates from electronic book review. Volume 2 Marie-Laure Ryan, Jessica Pressman, Mark C. Marino, Rui Torres, Scott Rettberg, Serge Bouchardon, Stuart Moulthrop, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
Post-Digital: Dialogues and Debates from electronic book review. Volume 2
WordHack Anthology: 2014-2019 Todd Anderson
Bodies of Information: Intersectional Feminism and Digital Humanities
Poesia Experimental Portuguesa: Contextos, Ensaios, Entrevistas, Metodologias
Digital Culture, Play, and Identity: A World of Warcraft® Reader
Understanding Contemporary American Literature
The Ideology of Genre: A Comparative Study of Generic Instability Thomas O. Beebee
Make It New: Essays Ezra Pound
Critical Terms for Media Studies
Forms and Meanings: Texts, Performances, and Audiences from Codex to Computer Roger Chartier
Our Broad Present: Time and Contemporary Culture Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
Atmosphere, Mood, Stimmung: On a Hidden Potential of Literature Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
In 1926: Living on the Edge of Time Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
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