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"Creamus, ergo sumus": Ansätze zu einer Netzästhetik Christiane Heibach
"Do you want to hear about it?' Exploring possible worlds in Michael Joyce's hyperfiction, afternoon, a story" Alice Bell
"Hypertext Poetry and Fiction": Beobachtungen zu einem Online-Seminar der New School Patricia Tomaszek
"Lost in hyperspace": cognitive mapping and navigation in a hypertext environment Deborah M Edwards, Lynda Hardman
"No Preexistent World": On "Natural" and "Artificial" Forms of Poetry Peter Gendolla
"Trans-former" la poésie: formes émergentes de poésie numérique Giovanna Di Rosario
"TXTual Practice" Rita Raley
"Verweile doch...": Über flüchtige Momente in der Netzliteratur Peter Gendolla
"Wo ist der Ort des Textes?" - Rainald Goetz' "Abfall für alle" Natalie Binczek
'Into an alien ocean:' The Lore of Kathy Mac’s Unnatural Habitats Astrid Ensslin
'What Is Seen Depends Upon How Everybody Is Doing Everything': Using Hypertext to Teach Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons Dene Grigar
'your visit will leave a permanent mark’: Poetics in the Post-Digital Economy Davin Heckman, James O’Sullivan
0,5 Cent Dirk Schröder
140 Characters in Search of a Story: Twitterfiction as an Emerging Narrative Form Bronwen Thomas
3 Proposals for Bottle Imps William Poundstone
7 Thesen zur Netzliteratur Johannes Auer
<POEM> between pixel and program </> André Vallias
<POEMA> entre pixel e programa </> André Vallias
A Anarco Cultura Ricardo Barreto, Paula Perissonotto
A Aura do Digital Michael Betancourt
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