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Format: 2020
Format: 2020
Format: 2020
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Jongno (Korean) Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 25.09.2017 experimental cinema, Flash
VIRU2 Ted Warnell 08.07.2013
Nous n'avons pas compris Descartes André Vallias 15.10.2020 Flash, kinetic poetry, metapoem
From Beyond John Thomas Murray, Anastasia Salter 02.06.2016 fiction, installation, game, interactive fiction, digital augmentation, communication, ouija board, letters, supernatural, tactile, hypertext, interface
Untitled #2, for Derek Beaulieu Eric Zboya 18.11.2013 visual poetry
We Are Fragmented Amira Hanafi 01.04.2019 digital art, human rights, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, human rights defenders, security, wellbeing, experience, visual pattern, visual, interpretation, visualisation, classification, emotion, subjectivity, language, interview, citation, research, database narrative
Here's Your Rape Nora Last 19.02.2015 hypertext fiction, feminism, rape, victim, coercion, twine, game
View from Within Anastasia Salter, John Thomas Murray 04.06.2016 storytelling, sequential art, Unity, augmented reality, head mounted display, webcomics, infinite canvas, portal, stereographic view, narrative
The verse/ De verso André Vallias 04.05.2015 visual poetics, Brazilian electronic poetry
Gridworks A. Bill Miller 25.11.2019 drawing, collage, video, transmedia, text based, grid, ASCII art
The Useless Web 11.10.2020
Berlin Remix Jim Bizzocchi, Justine Bizzocchi 26.09.2018 video installation, deconstructed film, short films, database, randomly-generated film, algorithmic operations, City Film, work, recreation, culture, class, sequencing pattern, editing pace, transition choice, visual treatment
Cloe Susana Heredia, Cristina Saraldi 17.07.2014 chat, e-mail fiction, project, hypermedia novel, hypertext fiction
Office Politics Scott Neal Reilly 29.08.2013 character, conversational character, world, text, emotions
Мужчина с женщиной (A Man and a Woman) Sergej Timofejev 07.08.2013 videopoem media archeology
Beneath the Surface: Waterways, Circulation and Glimmers of Place Chandra Frank 15.09.2020
一棵会走路的 树 (The tree that can walk) Shaolian Su 07.05.2015 tree, Flash, chinese
Samsung (German) Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 25.09.2017 experimental cinema, Flash
Please Don't Thank Me Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 01.10.2017 experimental cinema, Flash
Tisha B'Av David Harris Ebenbach 28.06.2013
Isopoema Lluís Calvo, Pedro Valdeolmillos 25.09.2017
Promiscuous Design Jason Nelson 17.10.2017 digital arts, digital poetry, media channels
Samantha in the Winter Paul Stephens 28.06.2013 hypertext, fiction, hyperfiction, narrative
Poetry 4 U Marsha Berry, Omega Goodwin 18.11.2013 locative, google maps, urban, street, twitter
Tantderêves Pedro Valdeolmillos 25.09.2017
Сонетник (Sonetnik) Dmitry Manin 25.09.2017 collective writing, ergodic/interactivity/participation, literary games hypertext
Where in the World is Loira do Banheiro? 29.03.2016 maps, interactive, haunting, city
Mother/Home/Heaven Caitlin Fisher, Tony Vieira 26.10.2017 augmented reality, historical fictions, haunted objects, Unity game engine, literary installation, magic looking glass, fiction, touch, gyrosensor
Sea of Men Jennifer Chan 09.07.2020 male gaze, masculinity, gender stereotyping, body image, sexuality, male domination
Porto Alegre Suite: Negritude and Solitude Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries 04.05.2015 flash poem, portuguese, political, race
Statement 29: To My Good And Loyal Subjects Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 01.10.2017 Flash
Oblique or / Grégory Fabre 25.11.2019
Death Becomes the Artist Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 25.09.2017 Flash, experimental cinema
#4artforfreedom Chris Funkhouser 03.06.2016 poetry, multimedia, poetic text, anagrammatic poem, sonic, lanuage, imagery, self-sustainability, gender equity, Confucius, visual aesthetic
Half Life Shelley Jackson 06.12.2017
The 20 Friends I wish I had Belinda Haikes 19.03.2013
Rewriting, Relearning : Creative Collaborations in the Digital Humanities Erik Loyer 26.09.2018 experimental writing, workshop, digital humanities
Desde aquí Mónica Montes 18.08.2014 hypertext fiction, fragmentation, metaphor, ambiguity
Poetry Generator Jonny Norridge 20.03.2012 poetry generator, concrete poetry
e la croissante invisibilité des poésies numériques en ligne dans la zone française Philippe Castellin 04.10.2013
Netochka Nezvanova Netochka Nezvanova 25.09.2017 virtual character, codework, code, private language
Book-Book Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo 02.09.2019 e-poetry generator
Tretet die Tür ein! Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 27.10.2017 Flash, narrative
Samsung Means to Come (Korean) Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 25.09.2017 experimental cinema, Flash
Paper Wounds Andy Campbell 29.11.2015 video, Flash, kinetic, audio, death, suicide
Ten Doors Closing Dylan Sheehan 10.09.2019 sharingplatform, digital poetry
Long Weekend Beathe C. Rønning 25.09.2017
On the Margin of History Natasha Boskic 07.09.2019
Nothing temps Lluís Calvo 25.09.2017
Symphonie en ut Christophe Petchanatz 30.08.2013
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