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Format: 2023
Format: 2023
Format: 2023
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Nine attempts to clone a poem Jason Nelson 01.10.2011 01.10.2011 remix, video, audio, interactive, channeling
TEXT JODI 01.10.2011 interface, typography, subversion, text, hacking
Enfonçons la Porte! Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 01.10.2011 Flash, narrative
Fictions d’Issy Jean-Pierre Balpe 01.10.2011 generative, generative novel
Cunnicornord Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 02.10.2011
Cunnilingus Norcoreano Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 02.10.2011
Expressions Patrick-Henri Burgaud 10.10.2011
Soft Cinema: Ambient Narrative Lev Manovich 03.02.2012 ambient narrative, cinema
PLAY with the last days of DRAG RACING PUPPETS Jason Nelson 19.02.2012
Poemedia Erin Costello, Aaron Angello 19.02.2012
Lotus Blossom (Korean) Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 19.03.2012 experimental cinema, Flash
The Cyborg Opera: Synth Loops Christian Bök 19.03.2012
Poetry Generator Jonny Norridge 20.03.2012 poetry generator, concrete poetry
Robotype 20.03.2012 typography
Letterbuilder Brian Kim Stefans 21.03.2012
The Tapeworm Foundry Darren Wershler-Henry 21.03.2012
I wish I were the Moon Daniel Benmergui 14.09.2012 art game, experimental videogame
Hexaemeron André Vallias 29.11.2012 Hexaemeron, Brazilian electronic poetry, andre vallias
A Madlib Frost Poem George Hartley 08.01.2013 poetry, madlib, Robert Frost
Slice Toby Litt 23.01.2013 blog, narrative, twitter
The 20 Friends I wish I had Belinda Haikes 19.03.2013
Eclipse Louisiana Marjorie C. Luesebrink 30.05.2013
La rossa parola Elisa Carlotti 28.06.2013
Tisha B'Av David Harris Ebenbach 28.06.2013
Il fiume delle parole Elisa Carlotti 28.06.2013
The Heist Walter Sorrells 28.06.2013 crime, robbery, hypertext, fiction, narrative
Omphalaskepsis Jay Dillemuth 28.06.2013
Kazoo Jay Dillemuth 28.06.2013
Samantha in the Winter Paul Stephens 28.06.2013 hypertext, fiction, hyperfiction, narrative
The Interview Adrienne Eisen 29.06.2013
The Griot Sings Haibun D. Fox Harrell, Joseph Goguen 03.07.2013
The Girl With Skin of Haints and Seraphs D. Fox Harrell 03.07.2013 generated, software-generated text, polymorphic, interactive, race, politics, identity, poetry
DADADATA Hartmut Landwehr 04.07.2013 dada
Videopoetry 1 Anna Tolkacheva 07.07.2013
VIRU2 Ted Warnell 08.07.2013
Мужчина с женщиной (A Man and a Woman) Sergej Timofejev 07.08.2013 videopoem media archeology
xnihilo 21.08.2013
Robbery World Scott Neal Reilly 29.08.2013 character, AI, text, world
Office Politics Scott Neal Reilly 29.08.2013 character, conversational character, world, text, emotions
The Playground Scott Neal Reilly 29.08.2013 bot virtual character, conversational character, emotional
Litanies Christophe Petchanatz 30.08.2013 computer generated text
Symphonie en ut Christophe Petchanatz 30.08.2013
Consensus Trance Andy Campbell 25.09.2013
e la croissante invisibilité des poésies numériques en ligne dans la zone française Philippe Castellin 04.10.2013
fallen Jörg Piringer 15.11.2013 visual poetry
Poetry 4 U Marsha Berry, Omega Goodwin 18.11.2013 locative, google maps, urban, street, twitter
Algorithmic Translations Eric Zboya 18.11.2013 visual poetry, algorithmic
Untitled #1, for Derek Beaulieu Eric Zboya 18.11.2013
Untitled #2, for Derek Beaulieu Eric Zboya 18.11.2013 visual poetry
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