Scheduled maintenance

Norwegian national e-infrastructure, NIRD have been having a lot of downtime. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this have caused.

ELMCIP v1.27 released

Mostly updates and minor bug fixes.

  • e2ca50b (tag: v1.27) Module update File Entity (file_entity) 7.x-2.11 -> 7.x-2.12
  • 3043a58 Module update Field Group (field_group) 7.x-1.5 -> 7.x-1.6
  • c73602a Issue 190 Re-export after manual rebase and revert.
  • 6116345 Issue 190 Add tags on separate lines with ids
  • b895b8b Issue 355 Fix journal nid rewrite, add term id to CW view
  • 5a16b37 Module update and issue 315 search_api_db 7.x-1.6
  • c525822 issue 310 Remove config
  • 19373b7 Issue 310 Change search index backend.
  • 396af38 Issue 310 Remove index, solr and view from feature
  • ebec223 Issue 354 term name and id from views order do not match
  • 671c382 Module update: google_analytics 7.x-2.3 -> 7.x-2.4
  • 6d3f4d0 Module update: Media and file entity
  • bc51042 Update init and local settings
  • 75d0fef Uninstall Taxonomy Manager module
  • 09efffb Issue 349 - taxonomy terms incorrectly positioned
  • 56533ba New git submodule - tota11y
  • dbc9f72 Development - Added tota11y, a accessability test tool
  • ddcdcea Remove FAQ vocab. from Views.
  • 13fde00 Fixed small typo