Scheduled maintenance

Another long downtime in the Norwegian national e-infrastructure, NIRD All system will be taken down. This is a 40 days old emergency copy of ELMCIP running in read only mode until NIRD is up again.

ELMCIP v1.26 released

ELMCIP 1.26 was released September 20 2017 during the UCI World Road World Championships in Bergen. The relase consentrate on improving the overall user experience working with forms. Creating or editing content got a face lift. The issues addressed is part of this project aming to improve the authorign experence.


  • 4c25673 Reformat to match Drupal coding standards
  • de937f7 Fix old type in elmcip theme settings
  • c8b15b2 Issue 251 Remove clutter from search page
  • afd14b8 Remove unused module - entityreference_migration
  • 935b41b Issue 269 Remove promote and sticky from all except story
  • 9e54051 Issue 269 - Remove /node and change news path to /news
  • 33b5975 Remove library no longer in use, tinymce
  • 52448a2 Module update search API and page
  • aa469fe Module update module_filter 7.x-2.0 -> module_filter 7.x-2.1
  • b4a7468 Module update - Media module family
  • 49681e5 Module security DRUPAL-SA-CONTRIB-2017-068 - Views 7.x-3.16 -> 7.x-3.18
  • b60aa40 Module security SA-CONTRIB-2017-067 - Entity Reference
  • 1fcff07 Drupal core security SA-CORE-2017-003 Drupal  7.55 -> 7.56
  • 04e4567 Module updated: media_flickr 7.x-2.0-alpha4 -> 7.x-2.0-alpha5
  • 957c363 Issue 343 Fix broken link in teaching-resource field help text
  • af797fc Issue 336 Make checkboxes look identical in all browsers
  • 66df3de Issue 336 Improve location module forms
  • 1e5c05a Issue 336 Cleanup unused site login styles.
  • a985b61 Issue 336 Improve select boxes and lists.
  • be6f514 Issue 336 Better visual separation to vertical tab summary
  • 7ff5109 Issue 336 Search form in header reflect that it search KB
  • ce93981 Issue 336 Define font border, color, size and whitespace.
  • 12a46c0 Issue 336 Removed old typo in color declaration.
  • a574c7a Issue 336 Improve look of legend
  • 41be8f2 Issue 342 Correctly position vertical tabs into grid
  • f7998a0 Issue 339 Critical-writing remove view modes and add meta data wrapper
  • 0a17336 Issue 338 Remove view modes and add meta data wrapper
  • b2ab139 Issue 337 Define default view mode and field settings
  • 450749f Revert "Issue 337 Remove all custom view modes and unused field groups"
  • 634795b Issue 337 Remove all custom view modes and unused field groups
  • 519a6da Issue 333 Redefine sponsor site sponsor block in code
  • 5aa3909 Issue 335 Updated deploy doc to reflect changes.
  • 3c7a6fd Issue 335 - Recreate missing tables from backup
  • 47ced92 Update
  • 6334b0a New cleanup scripts
  • 25561e4 Issue 333 Move logos to theme