Scheduled maintenance

The NIRD service platform will undergo a maintenance on Wednesday 17 October between 9 am and 5 pm. Short downtime of the services running on the platform might be expected during that day.

ELMCIP v1.24 released

ELMCIP 1.24 was released on Wednesday, May 10 2017.

It contains quite a few changes to end users. Here is a few worth noticing:

  • Issue 311 - New WYSIWYG editor, CKeditor.
  • Issue 350 - Power users can filter and search for specific user edits.
  • Issue 228 - Persons can register with multiple nationalities.
  • Issue 309 and Issue 224 - Massive cleanup of form labels and help texts.

Short list of changes

  • c6edfd2 Issue 242 New rev. created as default - content type page.
  • 6e1c9e0 Issue 311 Change to CKeditor
  • 576236d Module update Wysiwyg and new library CKeditor
  • 1de6ffe Issue 252 Database or Archive not shown on teaching resource page
  • eb6c9e3 Issue 218 Changed page file widget to media
  • bc90900 Issue 316 cleanup script of orphan tables.
  • dbbfb9f Issue 350 Page that show all user activity
  • 861b377 Issue 308 Allow Persons to be registered with multiple nationalities.
  • 8a2af44 Issue 228 Allow user to select unlimited amount of licences
  • 39485a6 Issue 313 Improve vertical position in tables.
  • b994744 Issue 309 Updated field label of media
  • a57600b Issue 309 Updated field label of media and PO.EX entry
  • 84f586f Issue 309 Update person url field label
  • c507212 Issue 309 Databases and Archives - field widget title
  • a789644 Issue 309 Critical writing Alter field widget title and description.
  • ebf5415 Issue 309 Alter field widget title and description.
  • 0e5b51b Issue 224 Change publisher and archives fields help texts.
  • 839dd54 Issue 224 Change database and archives fields help texts.
  • 50f0819 Issue 224 Change event fields help texts.
  • ef7ff7c Issue 224 Change organizations fields help texts.
  • a9f42bf Issue 224 Change publisher fields help texts.
  • 3b71efa Issue 224 Change Teaching Resource fields help texts.
  • 37871fd Issue 224 Change platform-software fields help texts.
  • e9fafd8 Issue 224 Change person fields help texts.
  • 9da3759 Issue 224 Change critical writing fields help texts.
  • c4390e8 Remove vbo and references module from file system.
  • fd8aff1 Issue Change create work field help texts.
  • 3ad5b9f Module update search_api_solr 7.x-1.11 -> 7.x-1.12
  • 54bcf98 Modules updated search_api panels views_data_export token
  • cd96f7b Module updates - Date and colorbox
  • 8f43675 Module update Views (views)  7.x-3.15 -> 7.x-3.16
  • 2888593 Issue 306 Remove all caching from KB front page views.
  • 74c4c78 Issue 306 Remove vocabulary created by FAQ module