ELMCIP v1.23 released

ELMCIP 1.23 was released Friday 31 of March. It is mostly a maintenance release. Crunch bugs and clean up stuff. Contains very few changes noticeable for a end user. Here is a few worth noticing.

  • Issue 293 - Multiple authors in content caused data to be duplicated in front page.
  • Issue 294 - We expose and allow all users to edit tag description used in the knowledge base.
  • Started work on Issue 288 - Standardize how we add images, files and video to content.

Short list of changes

be05588 Issue 302 Removed part of the field help text that was wrong.
ebdb74f Issue 305 Improve story and pages readability
3cc8cd6 Issue 305 Improve selectors and refactor.
41a1dbe Issue 305 Change story media view modes to default rendered file.
2ae9f82 Issue 305 Generic margins targeting most elements in nodes.
46e1d72 Issue 305 Special override to content without sidebars.
138668a CSS cleanup. Anthology no longer in use.
c159d25 Issue 305 Add news tag taxonomy term
1adedb2 Issue 305 Cleanup view modes.
167a7d5 Issue 288 Change all file widgets to media browser.
cad8356 Issue 293 Multiple authors in front page new content caused data duplication.
68f523b Issue 274 Backport from date devel version
e6a4d46 Issue 304 Change error handler from devel module to drupal core.
3ba1e72 Module update Diff (diff) 7.x-3.2 -> 7.x-3.3
55499ff Module update Media (media) 7.x-2.0-rc5 -> 7.x-2.0-rc12
49fcac4 Module update Views (views) 7.x-3.14 -> 7.x-3.15
208c9f6 Issue 301 Remove view "Current user notebooks"
4547314 Issue 273 Module cleanup to get rid of references and all comment settings.
a62b965 Issue 273 Notebook view settings.
7c34140 Issue 273 Remove reference module, submodules, settings and permissions.
5e96b9b Issue 297 Remove stylizer module dependencies.
cc4e22a Issue 268 Remove comment module settings and permissions.
c7393b7 Issue 268 Remove comment module.
669c11d Issue 285 Remove content translation.
df95972 Issue 260 Remove unwanted exposed filters from views
fcf29fd Issue 294 Adjust taxonomy permissions
baab923 Issue 297 Uninstall Drupal core color module.
8e66e67 Wysiwyg (wysiwyg) 7.x-2.2 -> 7.x-2.3
90cc178 Media (media) 7.x-2.0-beta10 -> 7.x-2.0-rc5
543f2b1 Drupal core 7.52 -> 7.54 upgrade
67ec803 Issue 294 Redirect user back to originating page after term is saved.
84c33fc Issue 294 Pass term description to views overriding term full page view.
0e0f5e9 Issue 294 Change to hook_form_alter()
ee27f3a Issue 294 Template.php cleanup.