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  1. Steve Tomasula

    Steve Tomasula is the author of the novels The Book of Portraiture (FC2); IN & OZ (University of Chicago Press); VAS: An Opera in Flatland (University of Chicago Press), an acclaimed novel of the biotech revolution; Once Human: Stories, and TOC: A New-Media Novel (FC2/University of Alabama Press).

    Maria Engberg - 21.09.2010 - 11:07

  2. James Leach

    James Leach

    Simon Biggs - 21.09.2010 - 11:12

  3. Thomas Swiss

    Thomas Swiss

    Patricia Tomaszek - 21.09.2010 - 11:14

  4. Adalaide Morris

    Adalaide Morris

    Patricia Tomaszek - 21.09.2010 - 11:16

  5. Markku Eskelinen

    Markku Eskelinen (Ph.D.) is an independent scholar and experimental writer of ergodic prose and critical essays. Excerpts from his first novel were published in The Review of Contemporary Fiction (Summer 1996) according to which he is “easily the most iconoclastic figure on the Finnish literary scene.” Eskelinen is also one of the founding editors of both Game Studies, the international journal of computer game research, and Cybertext Yearbook.

    Maria Engberg - 21.09.2010 - 11:23

  6. Giles Moss

    Giles Moss

    David M. Berry - 21.09.2010 - 11:25

  7. Raine Koskimaa

    Raine Koskimaa (b. 1968, Finland), PhD, professor of Digital Culture at the University of Jyvaskyla, Department of Art and Culture Studies. Author of Digital Literature. From Text to Hypertext and Beyond (2000, Doctoral Dissertation Thesis, University of Jyvaskyla). Co-founder and co-editor of the Cybertext Yearbook, established in 2000, available at: Member of the Electronic Literature Organization Literary Advisory Board. Member of the Game StudiesReview Board. Programme Chair for the Digital Arts and Culture 2005 Conference (IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark). Raine Koskimaa works as a professor of digital culture at the Department of Art and Culture Studies. He teaches researches in the fields of digital textuality, programmable media, and game studies. He has published widely around the issues of digital culture, digital literature, hyper and cybertextuality, game studies, reader-response studies, media use, and narratology.

    Maria Engberg - 21.09.2010 - 11:26

  8. François Coulon

    Hyperfiction French author.

    Serge Bouchardon - 21.09.2010 - 11:36

  9. Tonnus Oosterhoff

    Oosterhoff was born in Leiden, and is poet, novelist and essay-writer. He works in a small village in the empty countryside of Groningen, Netherlands. He received the Buddingh-price for his printdebut in 1990, and the Multatuliprice for his novel The Thick Heart. For his poetry-collection (Robuuste tongwerken,) een stralend plenum he recieved the Jan Campertprijs. In 2002 his first CD-rom appeared, accompanying a print colection of poetry, for which he received the prestigious VSB-price. He has continued to publish print poetry with CD ROMs (Hersenmutor, for example), and adding new works to his website, which always features a few of his digital works. These are always text-based Flash-poems, sometimes accompanied by little drawings by the author.

    yra van dijk - 21.09.2010 - 11:37

  10. Scott Hermanson

    Scott Hermanson teaches English at Arizona State University. He received his degree from the University of Cincinnati and taught previously at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Dana College in Nebraska.

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 21.09.2010 - 11:53