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  1. Fabio De Vivo

    In 2006, Fabio De Vivo took his master degree cum laude in “Foreign Languages and Literatures” at University of Basilicata with a thesis on J. D. Salinger’s Uncollected Short Stories. The graduation thesis named “Una luce che si adombra. The Complete Uncollected Short Stories of J. D. Salinger” is available at The National Library of Potenza. In these years his studies have dealt with Anglo-American and Hispanic-American Literature. Since 2009, he is a member of A.N.I.L.S. Basilicata Council (Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti Lingue Straniere). In the last three years, he has taught Italian Language to Spanish Students, English Language to Italian Students and he has worked as interpreter in Spanish Language.

    Patricia Tomaszek - 12.01.2011 - 16:59

  2. Pär Thörn

    Pär Thörn is a Swedish sound artist, poet, and performance artist.

    Maria Engberg - 30.06.2011 - 14:17

  3. Elisabeth Nesheim

    Elisabeth Nesheim lives in Bergen, Norway. She completed her MA in Digital Culture at the University of Bergen in 2011, and is now a PhD stipendiat at the same institute. She also holds a BA in process and project leadership from the Kaospilots in Denmark and has been working as a program coordinator for Piksel, a media lab and an annual festival for electronic art and F/LOSS technologies (2008-2011). Main research area is investigation of technology from a humanistic perspective, with a particular emphasis on sense plasticity, embodiment, and haptic interfaces.

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 13.04.2012 - 15:56

  4. Christophe Bruchansky

    Christophe Bruchansky is a video artist, new media artist, and curator.

    Scott Rettberg - 16.06.2012 - 11:00

  5. Kira Moss

    Fra Virum nord for København, gift med Tobias, har læst litteraturvidenskab i tre år, foretager en del skriblerier i min fritid og ellers er meget glad for is, sne, gamle bøger og geofysik.

    Translated, from danish to english: From Virum north of Copenhagen, married to Tobias, have read Literary Science for 3 years, do some writing in my spare time and other than that I am really fond of ice, snow, old books and geophysics

    Contributer to the: Love is in the air - project
    [taken from]

    Dan Kvilhaug - 19.02.2013 - 20:34

  6. Carlos Labbé

    Carlos Labbé is the initiator of a small movement hyperfiction in Santiago de Chile. In his words, "we've talked, and is highly suggestive and
    nice narrative reading multiple fragments, enjoyable to read and write. "Bachelor and Master of Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile has published poems, short stories and articles ( one of them previously Hipertulia), besides having worked in various positions related to the publishing and television.

    [Source: ]

    Dan Kvilhaug - 27.03.2013 - 16:26

  7. Micha Cárdenas

    Micha Cárdenas is Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington | Bothell.[1] Cárdenas is a transgender artist and theorist. She creates and studies trans of color movement in digital media, where movement includes migration, performance and mobility.

    Scott Rettberg - 03.07.2013 - 13:42

  8. Artur Punte

    Родился в 1977 году в Риге.
    Окончил московский Литературный институт имени М.Горького.

    Автор и соавтор нескольких концептуальных проектов: Bubble Show (2000–2005, в соавторстве с Дмитрием Заггой), «Как хочешь!» (1999, в соавторстве с Владимиром Светловым), Cibergraffiti (2007 – 2009, в соавторстве с А. Яковлевым и Волдемаром Пунте), Bit/poet (2007, c Волдемарсом Йохансонсом), «Энергонезависимость поэзии» (с Сергеем Тимофеевым) и др.

    Автор нескольких аудио и видео поэтических работ. Один из организаторов фестивалей поэтического видео Word in Motion (2001, 2003, 2007). Немного переводит из латышской поэзии: Инга Гайле, Йо, Янис Элсбергс и др.

    Соредактор всех номеров альманаха «Орбита», книги переводов Александра Заполя из Латышской поэзии «За нас/Par mums» и др. Один ихз составителей сборника «Dengi/Науда. Стихи о деньгах» (2001), антологии «Современная русская поэзия Латвии» (2008) и книги статей Дмитрия Ранцева «Кинотации».

    Natalia Fedorova - 04.09.2013 - 22:42

  9. André Sier

    André Sier lives and works in Lisbon as an artist-programmer of machines. Has interdisciplinary training in painting, sculpture, music, and a degree in philosophy. Since 1997 produces dynamic pieces in code, 3D, video, sound, electronics, drawings, among other means. Teaches regularly audio-visual programming since 2002.

    Alvaro Seica - 11.09.2013 - 10:45

  10. Yucef Merhi

    I have been exploring the interconnections between language and technology, creating interactive environments, computer based works and digital applications, while proposing various ways to experience natural language and code. The comprehension of this duet led me to develop methods and machines in order to address social, political, and philosophical issues. Most of this content has been comprised in poetic constructions.

    One of my firmest convictions is that poetry transforms objects into art in the same way that it converts noise into music. The physical object in my work is an extension of the poem, which expands the potential of words and extends the limits of language; while poetry becomes a prolongation of the object, providing an emotive and meaningful presence. The relation poem-object that I outline redefines the role of the poet and our experience of written poetry in our present.

    Alvaro Seica - 18.02.2014 - 13:52