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  1. Jay David Bolter

    Jay David Bolter is Wesley Chair of New Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology and co-Director of the Augmented Environments Lab (AEL) there. He is the author of Turing's Man: Western Culture in the Computer Age (1984); Writing Space: The Computer, Hypertext, and the History of Writing, (1991; second edition 2001); Remediation (1999), with Richard Grusin; and Windows and Mirrors (2003), with Diane Gromala.

    In addition to writing about new media, Bolter collaborates in the construction of new digital media forms. With Michael Joyce, he created Storyspace, one of the early hypertext authoring system. Now, with the AEL collaborators at Georgia Tech including Profs Blair MacIntyre and Maria Engberg, Bolter helps to create on applications for entertainment, education, and cultural heritage. The platform for these applications is the AEL's Argon browser for smart phones and tablets.


    Patricia Tomaszek - 28.02.2011 - 11:42

  2. Randy Adams

    Randy Adams is a Canadian media artist. His photographs and mixed media works have been exhibited and collected by public galleries, foundations and archives. His prose poems and essays have been published in various magazines and newspapers. During the past decade or so he has extended his media practice into the digital arts, fashioning hypermedia and animations for the web, live performance and spoken word. From 2002 - 2006 he was Associate Editor for the trAce Online Writing Centre responsible for commissioning articles about the web and digital art. He co-edited the book Transdisciplinary Digital Art: Sound, Vision and the New Screen (Springer Berlin Heidelberg). He is an autodidact.

    Christine Wilks - 19.01.2012 - 15:53

  3. John Jesurun

    JOHN JESURUN is a playwright,director,designer living in New York. His presentations integrate elements of language, film,architectural space and media.His exploded narratives cover a wide range of themes and explore the relation of form to content.They challenge the experience of verbal, visual and intangible perceptions. His work is distinguished by his integrated creation of the text,direction,set and media design. Born 1951 in Battle Creek, Michigan. B.F.A. Philadelphia College of Art/1972. M.F.A. in Sculpture from Yale University/ 1974. 1976-79/Television Content Analyst for CBS.1979-82/Assistant to producer/ Dick Cavett Show  producing shows on John and Mackenzie Phillips, John Hammond Sr., Odetta and Tito Puente. 

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 02.05.2012 - 15:29

  4. Roberto Keppler

    Roberto Keppler is a São Paulo-born artist, visual poet and civil engineer. Following the Pequeno Grande exhibition in 2008, he participated in the International Encounter of Experimental Poetry "Amanda Berenguer" in Montevideo as well as the X Biennial of Visual and Experimental Poetry in Mexico City in 2009, with the support of the Autonomous University of Mexico and the Ministry of Culture.

    Luciana Gattass - 15.11.2012 - 14:54

  5. James Phelan

    James Phelan is Distinguished University Professor and Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor in the Department of English at Ohio State University. Born in Flushing, NY in 1951, he received his BA from Boston College (1972) and his MA and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago (1977). He began as an Assistant Professor at Ohio State in 1977, was promoted to Associate Professor in 1983, to Professor in 1989, to Humanities Distinguished Professor in 2004, and to Distinguished University Professor in 2008. In 2004 he received the University’s Distinguished Research Award and in 2007 the Alumni Distinguished Teaching Award. Phelan served as Department Chair from 1994-2002. 

    Patricia Tomaszek - 16.11.2012 - 15:12

  6. Geoff Ryman

    Geoffrey Charles Ryman (born 1951) is a writer of science fiction, fantasy and surrealistic or "slipstream" fiction.

    Jill Walker Rettberg - 28.06.2013 - 23:26

  7. Martin Auer

    Austrian author.

    Jill Walker Rettberg - 04.07.2013 - 13:06

  8. Tim Hartnell

    Tim Hartnell (1951-1991) was an Australian journalist, self-taught programmer and extremely prolific, bestselling author of books and magazines on computer games. His company, Interface Publications (set up with Elizabeth North), produced titles for all of the machines in the home computer market, including Sinclair machines. Hartnell wrote several compendiums of computer games, which typically had several categories of games, with several games in each category. Each category had tips for writing enjoyable games in that genre. Each game had a description of the program and an explanation of its implementation, sometimes with ideas for modifications; this was followed by the raw code, which the reader had to enter into the computer. Some long games, such as Bannochburn Legacy, had more than 500 lines of code.

    (Source: Wikipedia)

    Alvaro Seica - 30.04.2015 - 17:44

  9. Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

    Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, the third of five children, was born on March 4, 1951 in Pusan, Korea, outside of Seoul. Because of the chaos of the Korean War, Cha’s family moved many times during the 1950s. After hostilities ceased, the family moved back to Seoul where Cha attended Ewha University Elementary School and Toksoo Elementary School.In 1962, the Cha family moved to Hawaii and, two years later, to North-ern California. Theresa and Elizabeth, her older sister, went to the Con-vent of the Sacred Heart School, an all-girls, Catholic school. Cha stud-ied briefly at the University of San Francisco before transferring to the University of California, Berkeley. She obtained her bachelor’s and mas-ter’s degrees in comparative literature under Bernard Augst and a Master of Fine Arts degree, studying with the performance artist, Jim Melchert. Cha spent 1976 in Paris doing postgraduate work in film-making and theory with Christian Metz, Raymond Bellour and Thierry Kuntzel. She then returned to the Bay Area and continued the films and performances she had begun to gain recognition for as a graduate student. - 22.09.2020 - 22:16