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  1. Stephanie Strickland

    Stephanie Strickland’s 10 books of poetry include How the Universe Is Made: Poems New & Selected (2019) and Ringing the Changes (2020), a code-generated project for print based on the ancient art of tower bell-ringing. Other books include Dragon Logic and The Red Virgin: A Poem of Simone Weil.

    Strickland’s 12 collaborative digital works include slippingglimpse, a poem that maps text to Atlantic wave patterns; the Vniverse app for iPad, interactive companion to the print V : WaveTercets / Losing L’una; Sea and Spar Between, a poem generator paired with Duels—Duets, a companion generator reflecting on Sea and Spar’s composition and paired also with cut to fit the toolspun course, the Sea and Spar code glossed.

    Recent work includes Liberty Ring! (2020), interactive companion to Ringing the Changes; House of Trust, a generative poem in praise of free public libraries; and Hours of the Night, an MP4 PowerPoint poem probing age and sleep.

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 31.01.2011 - 13:12

  2. Jean-Pierre Balpe

    Jean-Pierre Balpe

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 16.03.2011 - 14:52

  3. Paul-Eerik Rummo

    Paul-Eerik Rummo (born January 19, 1942, in Tallinn) is an Estonian poet and politician and a former Estonian Minister of Culture and Education, as well as former Estonian Minister of Population Affairs.

    He is a son of Estonian writer Paul Rummo. Paul-Eerik studied literature in Tartu University, which he graduated in 1965. Rummo has worked in Estonian theatres.

    Paul-Eerik Rummo is married to an actress and writer Viiu Härm.

    Dan Kvilhaug - 03.03.2013 - 14:13

  4. Shoshana Felman

    Shoshana Felman

    Vegard Aarøen Frislid - 03.10.2021 - 07:09