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  1. ELMCIP Seminar on Electronic Literature Communities

    The first seminar of the ELMCIP Project was held September 20-21, 2010 in Bergen at Landmark Café at the Kunsthall and the University of Bergen. The seminar focused on how different forms of community, based on local, national, language groups, shared cultural practices and interest in particular literary and artistic genres, form and are sustained, particularly electronic literature communities.The program included a day-long public seminar on September 20th at the Landmark Kunsthall, where participants examined specific cultural traditions in electronic literature, include examples from France, the Netherlands, the Scandinavian countries, the USA, the community of interactive fiction, the Poetry beyond Text project in the UK, and others. Participants also heard from organizers of electronic arts and literary communities in Bergen.That evening the recently released documentary on interactive fiction "Get Lamp" was screened, and the audience had the opportunity to discuss the film with its director, Jason Scott. The public program concluded the following evening with readings and demonstrations of electronic literature.

    Jill Walker Rettberg - 21.09.2010 - 11:21

  2. ELMCIP Electronic Literature Publishing Seminar

     In 2010-2011, the University of Jyväskylä conducted a survey and produced a report on European electronic literature publication and distribution. The final report will be published by November, 2012. This seminar was organized, in part, to provide a forum in which to discuss the findings on electronic-literature publishing in Europe.

    Day 1
    The first day of the seminar focused on the draft of the survey report. Following a presentation of the report, the seminar offers an invited commentary by Mark C. Marino (U. of Southern California). In the afternoon, there were presentations by Marko Niemi,one of the editors of the Finnish portal for electronic poetry, Laura Borras Castanyer, founder and director of the Vinaròs Prize for Electronic Literature (Spain), and Nia Davies from the non-profit organization Literature Across Frontiers (UK). The day ended with a workshop on using the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base led by Eric Dean Rasmussen (Norway). 

    Elisabeth Nesheim - 22.10.2010 - 11:53

  3. Digital Arts and Culture 1998 Conference

    Digital Arts and Culture 98 was an international conference which aimed to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of theoretical and artistic developments in digital arts, media and cultures. Through paper presentations and ample space between sessions, as well as an informal social program, the conferenced aimed to create a good atmosphere for strengthening the links between the many different players and subfields within the rapidly expanding field of digital culture and aesthetic studies.

    Digital Arts and Culture  was the first iteration of what has become an annual conference, commonly referred to as DAC.

    The first conference was organised by Espen Aarseth at the Department of Humanistic Informatics at the University of Bergen. Humanistic Informatics is now the program for Digital Culture.

    Jill Walker Rettberg - 12.01.2011 - 23:54

  4. The Network as a Space and Medium for Collaborative Interdisciplinary Practice

    This conference will focus on the increasing use of the network as a space and medium for collaborative interdisciplinary art practices including electronic literature and other network based art forms. Researchers will present papers exploring new network-based creative practices that involve the cooperation of small to large-scale groups of writers, artists, performers, and programmers to create online projects that defy simple generic definitions and disciplinary boundaries. Topics might include online collective narratives, durational performances, evolving networked publication models, creative commons and open source art, remixes, and mashups. The seminar will be organized by the LLE Digital Culture group and will invite contributions from about 20 international researchers and artists. In addition to the scholarly seminar Nov. 9th and 10th at the University of Bergen, two evening programs will take place Nov. 8th and 9th at Landmark Café at Bergen Kunsthall, to showcase innovative work and will be open to the public.

    (Source: Conference website.)

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 17.01.2011 - 14:14

  5. Electronic Literature in Europe 2008

    From the original call for papers and works: "The Fall 2008 Bergen Seminar on Electronic Literature in Europe will build upon the work of the e-poetry seminar held in Paris in February 2008 at the University Paris 8, the 2007 e-poetry conference in Paris, the 2007 Remediating Literature Conference in Utrecht, and other recent activity in the field of electronic literature in Europe. The goals of this gathering are: 1) To provide an opportunity for European researchers to share and discuss their current research on electronic literature, e-poetry, and digital narrative forms. 2) To provide a forum for European authors of electronic literature to share, demonstrate, read, or perform their work. 3) To discuss and explore the foundation of a European research network focused on electronic literature, funding opportunities for such a network, and network activities."

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 27.01.2011 - 15:07

  6. Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2 Launch

    On 2 May 2011, the Electronic Literature Research Group at the Department of Linguistic, Literary, and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen hosted two special events at the Bergen Public Library celebrating the launch of the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2. The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2 is an international anthology of more than 60 works of electronic literature published under a Creative Commons license online and on DVD.

    The publication of the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 1 in 2006 had a significant impact on the field of electronic literature, giving readers and educators a common set of referents in the form of a diverse collection of literary works made for digital media. The ELC, Volume 2, published in 2011, offers new digital poetry, hypertext fiction, interactive fiction, multimedia documentaries, and a variety of other forms of electronic literature. The University of Bergen program in Digital Culture was one of the sponsors of the publication of the ELC 2 and will make use of it in its future courses.

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 03.05.2011 - 14:13

  7. Digital Arts and Culture 2000 Conference

    The third conference in the Digital Arts and Culture series was held at the University of Bergen. The conference chair was Jan Rune Holmevik. In addition to the electronic literature-related events, there were a number of digital arts performances not listed here as well as presentations on digital culture in a broader sense. Please see the conference website for a full list. Abstracts are not available for most presentations.

    Scott Rettberg - 30.05.2011 - 14:03

  8. International Workshop on Databases and Bibliographic Standards for Electronic Literature

    This Consortium for Electronic Literature (CELL) workshop presents international projects that document, curate, and present research on electronic literature: born-digital literary forms such as hypertext fiction, kinetic poetry, interactive drama, location-based narrative, multimedia literary installations, and other types of poetic experiences made for the networked computer.

    Since June of 2010, as part of the HERA-funded ELMCIP Project, the University of Bergen's Electronic Literature Research Group has been developing the ELMCIP Knowledge Base (, a platform positioned to become one of the leading research tools in this area of the digital humanities.

    The primary goal of the workshop is to bring together members of several international projects working on the documentation of electronic literature. Representives of projects from the United States, Canada, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Norway will gather to pubicly present work on their projects, and to discuss how to best establish an international research infrastructure for the field.

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 13.06.2011 - 09:48

  9. Boston Cyberarts Festival

    The Boston Cyberarts Festival is the first and largest collaboration of artists working in new technologies in all media in North America, encompassing visual arts, dance, music, electronic literature, web art, and public art. 

    (Source: Boston Cyberarts Festival website)

    Judy Malloy - 05.07.2011 - 23:41

  10. ISEA2010 RUHR

    ISEA2010 RUHR, the 16th International Symposium on Electronic Art, took place from 20–29 August 2010 in the cities of Dortmund, Essen and Duisburg. ISEA is one of the most important international festivals for digital and electronic art and was hosted in Germany for the first time, as part of the programme of RUHR.2010, European Capital of Culture. More than eight hundred artists and scientists from over fifty countries came together to present the latest developments in contemporary art and digital culture at the ISEA2010 RUHR exhibitions, lectures, concerts and workshops. Thousands of visitors from the Ruhr region and beyond took part in the numerous events. (Source: ISEA2010 website)

    Eric Dean Rasmussen - 22.08.2011 - 10:25