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Bots! Leonardo L. Flores 09.06.2013
Digital Letterisms Natalia Fedorova 10.09.2013
Codework Talan Memmott 12.09.2013
Visual Poetry Without Natural Language 12.12.2013
Digital Preservation 13.12.2013
Children's Electronic Literature Jill Walker Rettberg 29.04.2014
Spanish Language Hypermedia Maya Zalbidea Paniagua 18.08.2014
Spanish Language Hypertext Fiction Maya Zalbidea Paniagua 05.02.2015
iPhone and iPad E-Lit Lori Emerson, Scott Rettberg 16.02.2015
Nordic Electronic Literature Research Collection Melissa Lucas 21.05.2015
please combine me combine please me: A Collection of Factorial Literature [l!] Álvaro Seiça 11.03.2016
Online Generative Literature Hannah Ackermans 07.07.2016
Variations on Nick Montfort's Taroko Gorge Talan Memmott, Scott Rettberg, Guro Sivertsen Prestegard 18.10.2016
From page to web: electronic remixes and appropriations of print literature Guro Sivertsen Prestegard 10.11.2016
Spanish Language Electronic Poetry Maya Zalbidea Paniagua 12.11.2016
Spanish Electronic Literature Maya Zalbidea Paniagua 12.11.2016
Portuguese Electronic Literature Collection Álvaro Seiça 29.05.2017
setInterval() Kinetic Poetry Álvaro Seiça 04.08.2017
Reimagining the City: Interventions of Digital Texts in Physical Spaces Hannah Ackermans 01.11.2017
Russian Electronic Literature Collection Natalia Fedorova 29.11.2017
Visualization of feminist works Lena Susanne Ristesund Silseth 29.11.2017
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Traversals Dene Grigar 13.08.2018
First Person: New Media as Story, Performance, and Game Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Pat Harrigan 03.09.2018
Third Person: Authoring and Exploring Vast Narratives Pat Harrigan, Noah Wardrip-Fruin 02.10.2018
Erasure Álvaro Seiça 23.10.2018
Games 13.11.2018
EL-games 20.11.2018
The Importance of the Term of Narratology in Electronic Literature 23.11.2018
Electronic Literature, Chapter 1: Genres of Electronic Literature Scott Rettberg 04.12.2018
Electronic Literature, Chapter 2: Combinatory Poetics Scott Rettberg 04.12.2018
Electronic Literature, Chapter 3: Hypertext Fiction Scott Rettberg 04.12.2018
Electronic Literature, Chapter 7: Divergent Streams Scott Rettberg 04.12.2018
Electronic Literature, Chapter 5: Kinetic and Interactive Poetry Scott Rettberg 04.12.2018
Research Collection of Research on Collections Hannah Ackermans 07.12.2018
Randomization i generative works (Working title) 19.06.2019
Database Narratives Hannah Ackermans, Inge van de Ven 16.08.2019
Electronic Literature, Chapter 6: Network Writing Scott Rettberg 25.09.2019
Electronic Literature, Chapter 4: Interactive Fiction and Other Gamelike Forms Scott Rettberg 03.10.2019
French Language Electronic Literature Jonathan Baillehache 30.10.2019
Advanced Graphic Technologies in performed e-lit creative works 06.11.2019
Electronic Literature in Ireland Research Collection Anne Sofia Karhio 08.11.2019
Robert Coover Award Winners Hans Ivar Herland 10.11.2019
Netprovs 11.11.2019
Interactive Fiction 2019 11.11.2019
Narrative Games Filip J. Falk, Andre Lund, Juan Manuel Altadill Casas 11.11.2019
Performed creative works with VR Kristina Igliukaite 25.11.2019
Research collection of a critical writing: Video games and Narratives 25.11.2019
Brown University Digital Language Arts John Cayley 04.12.2019
Collection of Polish E-Lit Works and Academic References Patricia Tomaszek 26.03.2020
Collection of E-Lit Works Affected by "The Lability of the Device" Patricia Tomaszek 26.03.2020
New Media Writing Prize Winners Hans Ivar Herland 08.05.2020
Cinematic VR Maud Ceuterick 14.07.2020
Affirmative post-cinema Maud Ceuterick 14.12.2020
Pandemic E-Lit Scott Rettberg, Søren Bro Pold, Anna Nacher 24.05.2021
Indian Electronic Literature Samya Brata Roy 26.05.2021
Collection of Italian e-lit works Roberta Iadevaia 30.11.2021
Bot-mimicry Malthe Stavning Erslev 30.11.2021
Women Creators of Latin American Electronic Literature Nohelia Meza 07.12.2021
Spanish Language Electronic Literature Maya Zalbidea Paniagua, Laura Sánchez Gómez 12.07.2022
Brazilian Electronic Literature Collection Luciana Gattass 13.02.2023
Digital Literary Works from Flanders and the Netherlands Siebe Bluijs, David Peeters, Lois Burke 06.10.2023
Collection of Lost E-Lit Works Patricia Tomaszek 14.02.2024
Extending Digital Narrative (XDN) -- AI David Jhave Johnston, Scott Rettberg 22.02.2024
Extending Digital Narrative (XDN) -- Narrative games with AI-generated content Martijn Holtkamp 15.03.2024
Extending Digital Narrative (XDN) -- Narrative VR Games and Narrative Interactive Installations Martijn Holtkamp, Haoyuan Tang 19.04.2024
Embodiment Elisabeth Nesheim 21.04.2024
International Electronic Literature by Women Authors 1986-2024 Maya Zalbidea Paniagua 06.05.2024
Extending Digital Narrative (XDN) -- Narrative VR Cinema and Virtual Reality Theatre Martijn Holtkamp, Haoyuan Tang, Scott Rettberg 21.05.2024