Reimagining the City: Interventions of Digital Texts in Physical Spaces

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Title Author Yearsort descending
E-Literary Text in Nomadic Cockpit Janez Strehovec
Poetry 4 U: Pinning poems under/over/through the streets Marsha Berry, Omega Goodwin
Augmented Reality Fiction Stefan Schemat 2000
Distributed Narrative: Telling Stories Across Networks Jill Walker Rettberg 2005
I like IRC & SMS Rita Raley 2008
Augmented Reality Storyworlds: Building Spatial Hyperfictions in the York Future Cinema Lab Caitlin Fisher 2008
On Locative Narrative Rita Raley 2008
Mobile Urban Drama – Setting the Stage with Location Based Technologies F. A. Hansen, Kaj Grønbæk, K. J. Kortbek 2008
In Urban Jungles: Literature and Locative Media Jörgen Schäfer, Peter Gendolla 2010
The Global Poetic System: A System of Poetic Positioning Laura Borràs Castanyer, Juan B. Gutiérrez 2010
Framing Locative Consciousness Francisco J. Ricardo 2010
Walk This Way: Mobile Narrative as Composed Experience Rita Raley 2010
A Town as a Novel: An Interactive and Generative Literary Installation in Urban Space Jean-Pierre Balpe 2010
Locative Narrative, Literature and Form Jeremy Hight 2010
Mobile Media Narratives: From Site-Specific Stories to Locative Hypertexts Jason Farman 2010
Mobile Communication and the New Sense of Places: a Critique of Spatialization in Cyberculture André Lemos 2010
Textopia: Experiments with Locative Literature Anders Sundnes Løvlie 2010
Geo-locative narratives and e-lit: A Literary Positioning Laura Borràs Castanyer, Pablo Gervás, Juan B. Gutiérrez, Mark C. Marino 2010
Writing on the World: Augmented Reading Environments Maria Engberg 2011
"Big Brother really is watching you!" Literatur in mobilen Datenräumen Beat Suter 2011
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