Electronic Literature, Chapter 7: Divergent Streams

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This research collection includes references from the seventh chapter of Electronic Literature by Scott Rettberg (Polity, 2018), on Divergent Streams. Locative narrative, digital literary installations, virtual and augmented reality narrative, and interactive and combinatory cinema are each areas of electronic literature that have been substantially developed, if not yet in the same sustained way as the core genres detailed in the other chapters of Electronic Literature. Each in some way builds upon those other genres while expanding them into new spaces and environments, as well as into other disciplines. Extensions of electronic literature into the physical world, into virtual reality, into performance, gallery arts, and cinema environments could in fact be the subject of a successor volume to this book. This chapter also provides the reader with some information on the research infrastructure of the field and where to find work, and finally considers the present situation and potential future of electronic literature as a discipline.

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