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Publishers and Journals

659 records
Title City Country Updated datesort descending
Configurations 29.09.2011
CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture West Lafayette United States 29.09.2011
Columbia University Press New York United States 29.09.2011
Art Com Electronic Network United States 29.09.2011
Science Reviews 29.09.2011
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Hillsdale 29.09.2011
Infocom 29.09.2011
New York University Press New York United States 29.09.2011
Oxford University Press (UK) Oxford United Kingdom 29.09.2011
BYTE 29.09.2011
Mosaic Manitoba Canada 29.09.2011
Pequod Sweden 29.09.2011
Boulder Pavement Banff Canada 29.09.2011
MEDIENwissenschaft: Rezensionen Marburg Germany 29.09.2011
Bonnierlyrik 29.09.2011
Testo: Studi di teoria et storia della letteratura e della critica Pisa Italy 29.09.2011
Suhrkamp Verlag 29.09.2011
Hatje Cantz Ostfildern Germany 29.09.2011
Text + Kritik: Zeitschrift für Literatur Göttingen Germany 29.09.2011
Wilhelm Fink Verlag Munich Germany 29.09.2011
J.B. Metzler Verlag Stuttgart Germany 29.09.2011
Éditions du Centre Georges Pompidou United States 29.09.2011
The Other Voices Poetry Project 29.09.2011
Eastgate Reading Room Watertown United States 29.09.2011
BMG Rio de Janeiro Brazil 29.09.2011
Prairie Art Gallery Grande Prairie Canada 29.09.2011
Deluxe Rubber Chicken Buffalo United States 29.09.2011
The New York Times New York City United States 29.09.2011
Études anglaises: revue du monde anglophone Paris France 29.09.2011
Journal of American Studies of Turkey Turkey 29.09.2011
Communications of the ACM 29.09.2011
Traumawien Austria 29.09.2011
Semiotica 29.09.2011
W.H. Freeman and Company 29.09.2011
Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture United States 29.09.2011
Scan (Refereed Journal) Australia 29.09.2011
Scan (Online Gallery) Sydney Australia 29.09.2011
Cambridge Scholars Publishing Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom 29.09.2011
Penned in the Margins London United Kingdom 29.09.2011
Feuille vivant France 29.09.2011
Incidences France 29.09.2011
ILIAS France 29.09.2011
KOANA France 29.09.2011
Topos Minsk Belarus 29.09.2011
Hotel Continental France 29.09.2011
EDIUOC Barcelona Spain 29.09.2011
Nokturno Finland 29.09.2011
Fuselit United Kingdom 29.09.2011
Evergreen Review New York United States 29.09.2011
University of Illinois Press Champaign United States 29.09.2011
Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries Middletown United States 29.09.2011
Vinduet Oslo Norway 29.09.2011
University of Chicago Press Chicago United States 29.09.2011
Bunk Magazine Los Angeles United States 29.09.2011
Harvard University Press Cambridge United States 29.09.2011
Paradoxa United States 29.09.2011
Currents in Electronic Literacy Austin United States 29.09.2011
Blackwell Publishing United Kingdom 29.09.2011
Trickhouse 29.09.2011
Techsty: Literatura i nowe media W?gorzyno Poland 29.09.2011
University of Minnesota Press Minneapolis United States 29.09.2011
Image [&] Narrative Leuven Belgium 29.09.2011
Routledge London United Kingdom 29.09.2011
West Virginia University Press Morgantown United States 29.09.2011
Vectors: Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular Los Angles United States 29.09.2011
The Iowa Review Web Iowa City United States 29.09.2011
Conduit 29.09.2011
University of Alabama Press Tuscaloosa United States 29.09.2011
Pantheon Books New York United States 29.09.2011
Blackbird: An Online Journal of Literature and the Arts Richmond United States 29.09.2011
wellSweep Press London United Kingdom 29.09.2011
Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game Research Denmark 29.09.2011
Alt-X Boulder United States 29.09.2011
Hermes Science Paris France 29.09.2011
Ellipsis United Kingdom 29.09.2011
Gyldendal norsk forlag OSLO Norway 29.09.2011
Danish Radio Coopenhagen Denmark 29.09.2011 Stuttgart Germany 29.09.2011
University of Iowa Press Iowa City United States 29.09.2011
The Guardian United Kingdom 29.09.2011
Les éditions du Seuil Paris France 29.09.2011
Interactive Narratives Washington United States 29.09.2011
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Göttingen Germany 29.09.2011
Perforations United States 29.09.2011
Camera Obscura United States 29.09.2011
Doubleday 29.09.2011
Computational Linguistics Stroudsburg United States 29.09.2011
ÉLA: Études de Linguistique Appliquee 29.09.2011
Leuven University Press 29.09.2011
Journal of Writing in Creative Practice United Kingdom 29.09.2011
K & K: kultur og klasse: kritik og kulturanalyse Denmark 29.09.2011 Finland 29.09.2011
Poesia Finland 29.09.2011
OEI Sweden 29.09.2011
Postmodern Culture Irvine United States 29.09.2011
Dear Navigator Chicago United States 29.09.2011
Word Circuits United States 29.09.2011
Palgrave Macmillan 29.09.2011
Pluto Press 29.09.2011
The Free Press New York United States 29.09.2011
New York Times Book Review New York United States 29.09.2011
Johns Hopkins University Press Baltimore, Maryland United States 29.09.2011
Protée Canada 29.09.2011
First Monday United States 29.09.2011
Electronic Literature: New Horizons for the Literary (Website) 29.09.2011
On the Human United States 29.09.2011
Activision United States 29.09.2011
Electronic Hollywood New York City United States 29.09.2011
Voyager United States 29.09.2011
SubStance United States 29.09.2011
Transcript Bielefeld Germany 29.09.2011 30.09.2011
Patakis Athens Greece 30.09.2011
Magic Box Athens Greece 30.09.2011
Poetics 01.10.2011
Leonardo Cambridge United States 01.10.2011
Atlantic Monthly 01.10.2011
e-Scholarship: University of California United States 01.10.2011
Poetikon Norway 01.10.2011
New Literary History Charlottesbille United States 01.10.2011
MFS Modern Fiction Studies West Lafayette United States 01.10.2011
Leonardo Reviews Drake Circus United Kingdom 01.10.2011
Born Magazine Seattle United States 01.10.2011
Association for Computing Machinery United States 01.10.2011
Eastgate Systems, Inc. Watertown United States 01.10.2011
Poetics Today Tel Aviv Israel 01.10.2011
Cybertext Yearbook Jyväskylä Finland 01.10.2011
Taschen 02.10.2011
Duke University Press 06.10.2011
Addison-Wesely Professional 06.10.2011
Swarthmore College Bulletin 06.10.2011
The New River: A Journal of Digital Writing and Art United States 11.10.2011
University of Nebraska Press Lincoln United States 14.10.2011
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies 15.10.2011
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine United States 15.10.2011
University of Michigan Press United States 15.10.2011
Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik 18.10.2011
Criticism: A Quarterly for Literature and the Arts Detroit United States 19.10.2011
The MIT Press Boston United States 20.10.2011
eLiterature Research Project Belgium 22.10.2011
SpringGun Press Denver United States 24.10.2011
SFMOMA: Open Space San Francisco United States 25.10.2011
Thames & Hudson 26.10.2011
BOMB New York City United States 27.10.2011
Hampton Press New York United States 30.10.2011
Springer Wien Austria 01.11.2011
Pedagogy 01.11.2011
EDUCAUSE Review United States 01.11.2011
Praeger CA United States 07.11.2011
Digidicht Amsterdam Netherlands 09.11.2011
De Contrabas Amsterdam Netherlands 09.11.2011
Entropic Empire Köln Germany 10.11.2011
Atelos Berkeley United States 11.11.2011
University of Washington United States 14.11.2011
STANDART Denmark 14.11.2011
Journal of Digital Information (JoDI) United States 16.11.2011
Open Texture Highlands Ranch United States 22.11.2011
Branch Magazine Canada 25.11.2011
Edições UFP Portugal 25.11.2011
Quimera Spain 01.12.2011
Generalitat de Catalunya 01.12.2011
Universitat de les Illes Balears 01.12.2011
Barcelona INK 01.12.2011
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 01.12.2011
Imán 01.12.2011
Academia del Hispanismo 01.12.2011
Anthropos 01.12.2011
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 01.12.2011
Associação C.C.G. Guimarães Portugal 02.12.2011
Universitat de Barcelona Barcelona Spain 02.12.2011
Université Paris VIII 06.12.2011
Université de Rennes 06.12.2011
Iadis 06.12.2011
WEBIST 06.12.2011
University Cambridge Press 06.12.2011
Fundació Espais d’Art Contemporani 06.12.2011
Liceus 06.12.2011
Edizioni B.A. Graphis 06.12.2011
Universidad de la Rioja 06.12.2011
Marenostrum 06.12.2011
Universidad de Jaén 06.12.2011
Poets & Writers Magazine New York City United States 06.12.2011
Hyperion SoftWord United States 06.12.2011
Diskotech Software Prairie Village United States 06.12.2011
e-Media Studies Dartmouth 06.12.2011
Northwestern University Press Evanston United States 09.12.2011
Cappelen akademisk forlag Oslo Norway 14.12.2011
American Book Review Victoria United States 17.01.2012
Afterimage 20.01.2012
ArtByte: The Magazine of Digital Arts 21.01.2012
Jacket2 Philadelphia United States 22.01.2012
Triple Canopy New York 23.01.2012
CTheory Victoria Canada 23.01.2012
Second Life/Linden Lab San Francisco United States 03.02.2012
Peter Lang Frankfurt Germany 03.02.2012
Slought Foundation Philadelphia United States 03.02.2012
Yushodo Press Tokyo Japan 03.02.2012
Potagannissing Press Drummond Island United States 03.02.2012
Intellect Ltd. London United Kingdom 03.02.2012
Writing on the Edge Davis United States 03.02.2012