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Writing Space: The Computer, Hypertext, and the History of Writing Jay David Bolter 2011 Book (monograph) - print
Writing Space: Computers, Hypertext, and the Remediation of Print Jay David Bolter 2001 Book (monograph) - print
Weblog Jill Walker Rettberg Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory 2005 Article or chapter in a book
Understanding Video Games: the Essential Introduction Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, Jonas Heide Smith, Susana Pajares Tosca 2008 Book (collection)
Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man Marshall McLuhan 2010 Book (monograph) - print
Transmedial Unnatural Spatiality and Postdigital Dystopicalization in The Pickle Index Astrid Ensslin Digital Narrative Spaces: An Interdisciplinary Examination 2022 Article or chapter in a book
Theories of the Information Society Frank Webster 2006 Book (monograph) - print
Theories of Play and Postmodern Fiction Brian Edwards 2013 Book (monograph) - print
The Twentieth Century Performance Reader 2020 Book (monograph) - print
The Routledge Companion to Literature and Science 2011 Book (collection)
The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature 2012 Book (collection)
The Open Society and Its Enemies Karl Popper 2015 Book (monograph) - print
The Meaning of Videogames: Gaming and Textual Strategies Steven E. Jones 2008 Book (monograph) - print
The Contemporary Literature-Music Relationship:Intermedia, Voice, Technology, Cross-Cultural Exchange Hazel Smith 2016 Book (monograph) - print
The American Hypertext Novel, and Whatever Became of It? Scott Rettberg Interactive Digital Narrative 2015 Article or chapter in a book
Story machines: how computers have become creative writers Mike Sharples, Rafael Pérez y Pérez 2022 Book (monograph) - print
Stories and Social Media: Identities and Interaction Ruth Page Analyzing Digital Fiction, Playing with rather than by the Rules: Metaludicity, Allusive Fallacy and Illusory Agency in The Path. 2012 Book (collection)
Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative Theory 2008 Book (monograph) - print
Research Methods for Auto/biography Studies Kate Douglas, Ashley Barnwell 2019 Book (collection)
Reading Digital Lives Generously John David Zuern, Laurie McNeill Research Methods for Auto/biography Studies 2019 Article or chapter in a book

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