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Johan & Levi Editore, founded in 2005 by Giovanna Forlanelli Rovati, is one of the most active and recognized independent Italian publishing houses in the arts sector. The editorial choices, which combine unpublished texts, out of print and first translations, are divided into seven series : biographies   to learn about the lives of the great masters of modern and contemporary art, essays ( essays , not only essays , words and images ) to fathom old and new territories in the history of art and ideas; the volumes Arti | Economics , to deepen the economic aspect of the arts in its many forms; agile the point  to offer new stimuli through short pocket essays, photographic and illustrated books to see the world through the eyes of artists. From 2020 the editorial production extends to the themes of antiquity, with particular attention to the Etruscan world: with the Cahiers and Atti series , the collaboration with the Luigi Rovati Foundation is started to propose small unpublished pearls and scientific publications. 

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