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Afsnit P is a Danish site for visual literature and intermedia art that has been active since 1999 (until 2011). The Danish word afsnit means section or paragraph, and the p stands for poetry, referring to both poesis and pictura according to its three editors, Christian Yde Frostholm, Karen Wagner, and Charlotte Hansen. Afsnit P is described as a cross between a virtual gallery and journal. It contains a blog, which features information about exhibitions, events, recent publications, and a virtual gallery which showcases creative work. In addition, several essays about visual and digital poetry and art have been published on the site. There is also an extensive link library. While there is a natural emphasis on Nordic artists and events, the content is international and the site functions as a portal for Nordic audiences to experimental, visual writing as an international phenomenon. Afsnit P is mainly in Danish with a smaller English section.

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