Xtine Burrough

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xtine burrough’s investigation of emerging technologies uses remix as a strategy for engaging networked audiences in critical participation. Appropriation, juxtaposition, and computation are central to her practice as a hybrid artist. She plays at the intersection of media art and digital poetry.

burrough values the communicative power of art-making as a vehicle for exploring the boundaries between humans and the technologies they create, embody, and employ. She collaborates with diverse populations from students to senior citizens to virtual factory workers. Her projects yield multiple layers for various forms of participation in the creation of poetic moments of tactical media. She archives her work and process to further articulate the relationships between what she makes and does with how she thinks about technology and culture in articles, chapters, and books. burrough uses remix and appropriation as strategies for activism and speaking back to structures of power; and she has edited volumes and portfolio sections for other artists to write, reflect on, expose, and archive their practices.

xtine burrough is Area Head of Design + Creative Practice in the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication at UT Dallas, and Creative Director of LabSynthE, a laboratory for developing synthetic and electronic poetry.

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Xtine Burrough
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