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Piotr Marecki, photo Aleksandra Małecka
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Dr Piotr Marecki - associate professor at the Jagiellonian University. Writer, digital media artist, publisher, translator and digital culture scholar. The head of Ha!art Publishing House (ha.art.pl) and of UBU lab (ubulab.edu.pl). In 2013-14 he did a postdoc at MIT at the Trope Tank lab. Based in Kraków, Poland. 

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Titlesort descending Publication Type Publisher Year
Literatura elektroniczna. Platformy. Eksperymenty Invited lecture 2018
Polish Digital Literature. An Introduction Invited lecture 2013
"Smog Poem" and “Heating Season.” Creative work and Smog Datafication Conference paper or presentation 2018
Between Provocation and Experiment . Technical Reports and the Ecology of Scholarly Communication in the Humanities Article in a print journal 2015
Crowdsourcing and literature: A report from the project “Wiersze za sto dolarów” Article in a print journal
Demoscene, or Decentering Digital Media Invited lecture 2017
Electronic literature production – a case study of Korporacja Ha!art (poster) Other 2016
How People Connect, Presentation of Commodore 64 BASIC programming Invited lecture 2014
Labs for the Digital Humanities Conference paper or presentation 2018
Literary Experiments with Automatic Translation: A Case Study of a Creative Experiment Involving King Ubu and Google Translate Conference panel or roundtable 2015
Media Archeology Lab: Experimentation, Tinkering, Probing [Lori Emerson in conversation with Piotr Marecki] Interview Jagiellonian University Press 2017
Nick Montfort’s World Clock and its Polish translation Zegar światowy – a case study Conference paper or presentation 2016
Polish Impact Book (collection) Korporacja Ha!art
Przekład konceptualny Invited lecture 2018
Renderings (poster) Other 2015
Renderings: Translating literary works in the digital age Article in a print journal Oxford University Press (UK) 2017
Scene poetry (poster) Other
The Art of Computational Media Conference panel or roundtable
The formation of the field of electronic literature in Poland Conference paper or presentation 2014
The Postulate to Hyperdescribe the World: Film Poems by Katarzyna Gie łż y ń ska Conference paper or presentation 2014


Titlesort descending Author Year Publisher
Garaż w Tokio Scott Rettberg 2009

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Eventsort descending City Date Event type Link to edit content
Ha!wangarda 2013 International Literary Festival Kraków 03.10.2013 Festival

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Titlesort descending City Country Date
Decentering: Global Electronic Literature Bergen Norway August 6, 2015 to August 23, 2015
p2p: Polish-Portuguese E-Lit Bergen Norway August 6, 2015 to August 23, 2015

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