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She completed her M.A. in Literature, Culture and Media at the University of Siegen in Germany (2008), participated in a study abroad at Brown University supported by the "Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst" ('German Academic Exchange Service') in 2007, and assists the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) in a project on archiving electronic literature since 2007, which also includes work within the ELO's "Consortium on Electronic Literature" (CELL). From 2006 to 2010, Patricia worked as an academic assistant in the research group "Literature in Nets. Net Literature" at the Cultural Studies Center "Media Upheavals" based at the University of Siegen in Germany. Both her BA and MA-thesis were devoted to e-learning and electronic literature.

Critical writing by this author:

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Reading at the Thresholds to Electronic Literature: A Paratextual Study Conference paper or presentation 2013
Dynamic Visualization Tools for Data Discovery Conference paper or presentation 2013
Thresholds of the Edge: Rethinking the Concepts of Books and Access in the Age of the Digital Paratext Conference paper or presentation 2013
Animated Concrete Poetry Between Stillness and Motion - a Close-Up on Ottar Ormstad's Oeuvre of Works Invited lecture 2013
Litteraturen i en multimediatid, med eksempler fra nordisk elektronisk litteratur Invited lecture 2013
Locating Literary Heritage in Paratexts: An Analysis of Peritexts in Electronic Literature Conference paper or presentation 2013
What I See and What You Read: A Narrative of Interdisciplinary Research on a Common Digital Object Conference paper or presentation 2013
In the Absence of the Publisher's Peritext Conference paper or presentation 2014
From Print to Kinetic Visual Poetry Invited lecture 2014
Documenting Events and Works in the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base Conference paper or presentation 2015
Archiving Electronic Literature Beyond its End: Archiving Nordic Works at an Academic Library, a Presentation of a Collaboration in Progress within the University of Bergen Conference panel or roundtable 2015
Networks of Creativity: Electronic Literature Communities Article or chapter in a book Center for Literary Computing, West Virginia University 2015
CELL ROUNDTABLE - The Consortium for Electronic Literature Conference panel or roundtable 2015
Publishing without a Publisher's Peritext: Electronic Literature, the Web, and Paratextual Integrity Conference panel or roundtable 2015
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