Lukritzia Loven Borlaug

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I’m Lukritzia, and I’m exactly as old as you want me to be. (Don’t ask a lady about her age!) I study digital culture at UiB, but I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve studied film production, journalism, English, and I had a moment where I tried to become a teacher. Didn’t happen. I do know I love working with film, text and photo, and I love my computer. I’m a gamer, totally addicted to MMORG. I also love writing, and one day I’ll finish one of my many novels. I’ve said that for years. But when I finally do, I’ll be right up there with Tolkien and J.K. Rowling! I love animals. Right now I live with my two cats (St. Angus McLennard I and Khavi Malawi Maluski) and my bunny rabbit Raphaela Salvadora von der Bustenskjold III. Aaaand my boyfriend Kriss, who also study digital culture. He’s not part of my zoo. And one day, I’ll have at least two dogs, a cockatoo, a few rats and some ferrets, a couple of elephants, a crocodile, two llamas and a few wolves. Kriss won’t be too happy; he’s already tired of sharing his bed with my babies.
I love everything that scare others shitless. Like zombies, horrormovies, ghoststories, creepy dolls, spiritism and vampires. Real vampires. Not the cheap sparkling ones. And I adore my friends; I don’t know what I’d do without them!! They honestly mean the world to me. I hate spiders and asparagus, I love partying, dragons, pepsi max and HIM. And I try really hard to look terribly scary,
with loads of black clothes, piercings and strange haircolors, but I’m actually quite nice. Usually. That should basicly summarize me, I’d say?
Nice to meet you, cheerio, ta-taa!

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Lukritzia Loven Borlaug
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Natalia Fedorova