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Jill Walker Rettberg is professor of Digital Culture at the University of Bergen, and co-director of the Center for Digital Narrative. Her research focus is on how we tell stories online, and she has a particular interest in social media and personal narratives. She has published several articles on early hypertext fiction, electronic literature, digital art and social media, as well as the book Blogging (Polity Press, 2008). She also co-edited an anthology of scholarship on World of Warcraft (Digital Culture, Play, and Identity, MIT Press, 2008). Jill has been blogging at jilltxt.net for two decades, and tweets as @jilltxt.

Note: Works published before 2007 under name Jill Walker.

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Critical writing by this author:

Title Publication Type Publisher Yearsort descending
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The Genealogy of a Creative Community: Why is Afternoon the "Grandaddy" of Hypertext Fiction? Conference paper or presentation 2011

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Title City Country Date
The Emergence of Electronic Literature Bergen Norway August 20, 2013 to September 30, 2013

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Jill Walker Rettberg
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