Jan Rune Holmevik

Clemson , SC
United States
South Carolina US
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Jan Rune Holmevik, Assistant Professor of English at Clemson University, is co-editor of Currents in Electronic Literacy. He received his Ph.D. in Humanistic Informatics at the University of Bergen, Norway, in 2004. His research interests are interactive media, computer game studies, humanistic informatics, visual communication, and experience design. He is co-chair of the RCID PhD Colloquium on Serious Games at Clemson. With Cynthia Haynes, he co-founded Lingua MOO at UT-Dallas (1995-2006) and was principal programmer and designer. Sample publications are High Wired: On the Design, Use, and Theory of Educational MOOs, published by the University of Michigan Press in 1998, and MOOniversity: A Student’s Guide to Online Learning Environments, published by Allyn and Bacon in 2000. Holmevik and Haynes have organized the World of Warcraft academic guild, Venture. He is currently working on a book manuscript, On Electracy: The Ludic Post-Literate Transversal. (Source: Clemson University faculty profile and Contributors' Notes to Currents in Electronic Literacy.)

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Jan Rune Holmevik
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