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I’m Cecilie, 20 years old, and turn 21 this fall. I’m on my last year of my bachelor in digital culture at the University of Bergen, and planning my last semester abroad, hopefully in Hawaii. To afford this semester in Hawaii I have two jobs, one where I sell curtains, sheets and other interior articles and one where I’m sorting post and make sure that the envelopes and packages gets where they are supposed to be. I love to work with web design, and ever since I got introduced to HTML and CSS for about tree years ago, I’ve found it fascinating that I can write code as regular text, and then make it turn into color, shape and pictures. When I’m done with my education I will hopefully work full time as a webdesigner and create beautiful websites for costumers from all over the world.

In my free time I work out at the gym called ?sib?, which is the a gym for students in Bergen. Lately I’ve been working on my strength, but I also love to run or vary my workout by signing up for group lessons like aerobic and spinning. Other than that I spend a lot of time with my three best friends, Sandra, Ina and Kriss (who is also attending this DIKULT class) and my boyfriend of five years.

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Cecilie Johnsen
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