Brian Kim Stefans

Los Angeles
United States
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B.A., Literature, Bard College, 1992; M.F.A., Electronic Literature, Brown University, 2006.

Assistant Professor at the Department of English at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). His research interests include creating a "bridge" between the concepts and traditions of various 20th-century avant-gardes -- Language writing, the Oulipo, concrete poetry, conceptual art, Situationism, metafiction, etc. -- and various genres of digital literature, including animated poems, interactive texts, algorithmically-generated and manipulated texts, "nomadic" writing, hacktivism and experimental blogs. Presently working on a series of wall projections called "Scriptors" which will appear as gallery and environmental installations in the coming years. 

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Brian Kim Stefans
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Patricia Tomaszek