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Alexandra Saemmer is associate professor of information and communication sciences at University Paris 8. Her current research projects focus on semiotics and aesthetics of digital media, reading and writing in digital environments. She is the author and editor of several books and articles on digital literature and arts.

Critical writing by this author:

Title Publication Type Publisher Year
Littérature et numérique : archéologie d'un paradoxe Conference paper or presentation 2017
Digital Artists' Books and Augmented Fictions: A New Field in Digital Literature? Conference panel or roundtable 2015
Roundtable: Chercheur et artiste / artiste et chercheur, de l’art de jongler avec les casquettes Conference panel or roundtable 2014
Conduit d'Aération : un projet de recherche et création Conference panel or roundtable 2013
Roundtable on remediation of French literature Conference panel or roundtable 2013
Animation and Manipulation Figures in Digital Literature and the Poetics of (De-)Coherence: As Exemplified by Gregory Chatonsky’s The Subnetwork Article in an online journal 2012
Evaluating Digital Literature: Social Networks, Selection Processes and Criteria Conference paper or presentation, Exhibition Catalog 2012
Fils de l'art et la littérature (Interview with Alexandra Saemmer) Interview 2012
Reading (De)coherent Hypertexts: a Creative Performance Based on a Close Reading of the German Hyperfiction Zeit für die Bombe Article in a print journal 2012
Semiotic Cross Analyses of Digital Poetry Forum 2012
The (Problematic) Issue to Evaluate Literariness: Digital Literature Between Legitimation and Canonization Conference paper or presentation 2012
La littérature numérique entre légitimation et canonisation Article in a print journal Culture & Musées 2011
De la confirmation à la subversion: Les figures d’animation face aux conventions du discours numérique Article in a print journal Protée 2011
Digital Arts and Literature – Is it Just a Game? Article or chapter in a book, Conference paper or presentation Atelier Multimediale Edizioni 2011
Introduction à la première partie: Le jeu, comme espace de résistance Article or chapter in a book 2011
Les figures de manipulation face aux conventions du jeu Article or chapter in a book 2011
Reflections on the iconicity of digital texts Conference paper or presentation 2011
Rhetorics of Media Coupling in the Digital Age Conference paper or presentation 2011
Writing the Ephemeral […] and Re-Enchanting the Remnants: The Lability of the Digital Device in Literary Practice Article in a print journal, Article in an online journal Journal of Writing in Creative Practice 2011
Closer again! Conference paper or presentation 2010

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Electronic Literature Organization 2013: Chercher le texte Paris 23.09.2013 Conference

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