Alessia Pannese

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Alessia Pannese trained in law at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza' (Laurea), veterinary medicine at the University of Perugia (Laurea), and veterinary science at the University of Cambridge (MPhil), before studying neurobiology and behaviour at Columbia University (PhD), and literature and arts at the University of Oxford (MSt). Prior to joining the IAS, she held fellowships at Institutes for Advanced Studies in New York (Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America), Paris (Institut d'√©tudes avanc√©es), and Delmenhorst (Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg). 

Alessia is broadly interested in consciousness and the self, including sensory perception, volition, agency, and self-regulation. During her time at the IAS she will work on a set of ongoing projects examining those themes from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes physiological, neurocognitive, literary, and historical approaches.

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Alessia Pannese
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Cecilie Klingenberg