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LEI - Letteratura Elettronica Italia is the first Italian laboratory entirely focused on electronic literature.

Founded in September 2021, LEI is currently alive thanks to Roberta Iadevaia, Fabrizio Venerandi, Daniela Calisi, Paola Carbone, Laura Santini, Daniele GiampĂ , Lisa Somma, Sonia Lombardo.

LEI's main objective is to foster electronic literature through the creation and promotion of projects dedicated to the dissemination and preservation of world e-lit in Italy.

Through an informal language and a creative use of physical and digital spaces, LEI seeks to involve students, writers, teachers, researchers, critics, curators, editors, translators, programmers, artists and anyone interested in discovering and exploring the characteristics of digital technologies applied to literature.

The LEI lab/collective is driven by the conviction that electronic literature is an intrinsically interactive phenomenon, which pushes us to rethink the very paradigms of literature, such as the roles of writer and reader, the boundaries of literature, the concepts of originality and authorship. LEI's attention is on discovering new relationships, new ways of narrating the world and above all new paradigms for rewriting it, which take into account the social, political, economic, cultural, literary and artistic implications of technology, while respecting the (nee)dreams of the (post)human being. 

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