Adventures in Transition: Jason Nelson’s Scary Journey from Flash to J-Code and Desk to Hand

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Perhaps the most disturbing and exciting periods of a digital poet’s creative practice is the transitional period between using one technology and learning another. For the past eight years I’ve been predominately a user of Adobe Flash. I say user, because in many ways
the software is a drug, carving response and reward pathways into the cranium fibers. My creations have been the beneficiary of a tool ideal for multi-layered/dimensional and interactive artworks viewable on all major platforms. However, it is this platform issue and Adobe’s losing
position in its battle with the Tyrant Apple that is quickly making Flash obsolete, unplayable in the fastest growing segment of electronic devices, tablets and phones. This very well might turn around and Flash might save itself. But suffice it to say, the net/portable creative ndustries have left Flash to fend for itself.
(Source: Author's abstract, 2012 ELO Conference site)

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Eric Dean Rasmussen