Series 1: the alphabetic

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This work is part of a series of interactive generative poems, inspired by Hansjorg Mayer’s alphabetenquadratbuch poem (alphabetsquarebook). It is an exploration of generative alphabets creating concrete forms with the input from the participants. The work doesn’t exist until the viewer interacts with it. By incorporating this aspect of essential interactivity into the work I emphasize the need for the engagement and participation of the reader/viewer in the production and existence of the work. When the viewer approaches the poems, he/she is faced with an empty screen and it is not until some sound is produced that the viewable space is filled in time with the help of sound and silence. All poems create a square formed by the letters of different alphabets, the three communication systems converge: image, writing and code activated by sound. The shifting from the visual and the linguistic is itself the poem; to create that in-between state of verbal-visual energy.

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Evan Raskob: Programmer

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Patricia Tomaszek