Introduction of a Post-Digital: Dialogues and Debates from electronic book review. Volume 2

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Post-Digital charts the history of critical debates about the impact of the digital revolution on contemporary literature, art and scholarship.

Collecting more than 20 years' worth of major interventions from the pioneering journal electronic book review, this landmark 2-volume set contains close to 100 seminal articles from leading scholars, writers and digital artists, including Mark Amerika, Jan Baetens, Serge Bouchardon, Kiki Benzon, R. M. Berry, Anne Burdick, Stephen J. Burn, John Cayley, David Ciccoricco, Astrid Ensslin, David Golumbia, Paul Harris, N. Katherine Hayles, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Joseph McElroy, Brian McHale, Timothy Morton, Nick Montfort, Stuart Moulthrop, John Durham Peters, Scott Rettberg, Stephanie Strickland, Ronald Sukenick, Joseph Tabbi, Cary Wolfe, Laura Dassow Walls and Rob Wittig.

Post-Digital also includes new essays chronicling the most recent, multimodal developments in the literary field, a series of introductions by several generations of ebr co-editors surveying the long history of thinking about the digital, and a comprehensive bibliography of further reading.

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