Hyper and Deep Attention

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This essay is a hypothesis with focus on the generational shift from deep attention, towards hyper attention in cognitive modes. Deep attention is a cognitive mode witch will allow you to focus long term, problemsolving, analyzing etc. Reading a long novella, solving a mathproblem. Hyper attention is the cognitive mode where you multitask, lots of minor tasks at once, as in playing a videogame, using social media, etc. In this mode your focus has a short timeline and tends to affect your attention span conserning long time problemsolving.
The article discusses the educational preparedness in the future, when this problem is likely to affect us. As a society the problem of this generational shift has already started to show itself,
but the educational system need to prepare for the changes that will arise, when todays 10 year olds enter the area of higher education.
It is suggested that being prepared could be to use new pedagogical models, that provide greater stimulation than the typical classrom.
The author concludes that the two cognitive modes are and should be side by side, and that educators has a responsibility to adapt to the changes that are surfacing now, and to the changes that will only increase in the years ahead.

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So standard has deep attention become in educational settings that it is the de facto norm, with hyper attention regarded as defective behavior that scarcely qualifies as
a cognitive mode at all.

Hyper and deep attention in cognitive modes, article by N Katherine Hayles.
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