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"Learn to taste the tea on both sides": AR, Digital Ekphrasis, and a Future for Electronic Literature Robert Fletcher 2015
51 Responses: What inspired you to get involved with Digital Literature David Jhave Johnston 2009
52 Goymu Mez Breeze 2012
A Response to "A New 'Gospel of the Three Dimensions'" Marie-Laure Ryan 2012
A Response to the Report on Publishing E-Lit in Europe Mark C. Marino 2011
A Subjective Chronology of Cybertext, Hypertext, and Electronic Writing Stuart Moulthrop 2006
A Workbench for Analyzing Electronic Literature Mark C. Marino 2015
Abandoned and Recycled Electronic Literature: Jean-Pierre Balpe’s La Disparition du Général Proust Jonathan Baillehache 2015
An interview with Maria Engberg David Thomas Prater, Maria Engberg 2011
Anthological and Archaeological Approaches to Digital Media: A Review of Electronic Literature and Prehistoric Digital Poetry Stephanie Boluk 2009
Antiabecedarian Desires: Odd Narratology and Digital Textuality Asunción López-Varela Azcárate 2014
Archivability of Electronic Literature in Context Beat Suter 2010
Archiving Electronic Literature and Poetry: Problems, Tendencies, Perspectives Florian Hartling, Beat Suter 2010
Archiving Roundtable Leonardo L. Flores, Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Stephanie Strickland, Rui Torres 2015
Artemídia e Cultura Digital 2009
Attention à la marche! Mind the Gap! 2018
Aura in the Age of Computational Production Kathi Inman Berens, Leonardo L. Flores, Nick Montfort, Jason Edward Lewis, David Jhave Johnston, Erik Loyer, J. R. Carpenter 2013
Aurature and the End(s) of Electronic Literature John Cayley 2015
Authoring Software Judy Malloy 2007
Autorschaft und digitale Literatur: Geschichte, Medienpraxis und Theoriebildung Heiko Zimmermann 2015