Electronic Literature Organization 2019: Peripheries

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15.07.2019 to 17.07.2019
University College Cork Cork
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The theme for ELO2019 #ELOcork is “peripheries”: delegates are invited to explore the edges of literary and digital culture, including emerging traditions, indeterminate structures and processes, fringe communities of praxis, effaced forms and genres, marginalised bodies, and perceptual failings.

(source: homepage ELO2019 website)

Critical writing presented:

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Nodes Without Edges: Peripheries of the Database Hannah Ackermans digital hermeneutics, database structure, contributory database, digital labor, crowdsourcing, quantitative analysis, data collection, periphery
Visible and Invisible Archives: The Database Aesthetics of The Atlas Group Archive and haikU Hannah Ackermans database narrative, database aesthetics, database structure, database, sociality
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Hannah Ackermans
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