Electronic Literature Organization 2016: Next Horizons

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10.06.2016 to 12.06.2016
University of Victoria Victoria
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The ELO 2016 Conference includes 120 speakers involved in 30 Concurrent Sessions, two Keynotes, Poster Session, eight Artists Talks, Workshops, Lightning Talks, & Action Sessions. It accompanies the Festival featuring 49 works of electronic literature by 73 artists. Below is the schedule listing all of the conference activities.

(Source: http://elo2016.com/conference-schedule/)

Critical writing presented:

Title Author Tags
x-o-x-o-x.com Erik K Rzepka
Unwrapping the eReader: On the Politics of Electronic Literature David S. Roh eReader, platforms, amazon
Unprintable books Kate Pullinger
Understanding Bots Allison Parrish, Matt Schneider, Tobi Hahn, Zach Whalen
The Old in the Arms of the New Gary Barwin
The Cyborg of the House María Goicoechea
The Closed World, Databased Narrative and Network Effect Mark Sample
The ChessBard and 3D Poetry Project as Translational Ecosystems Aaron Tucker
The Art of Computational Media Kristopher Purzycki, Alex Mitchell, Piotr Marecki
Street Ghosts: Surveillance & The Unrepresentable Ali Rachel Pearl
Space as a Meaningful Dimension Luciane Maria Fadel
Social Media for E-lit Authors Michael Rabby
Sessions 5.4 E-Lit Labs James Brown Jr., Robert A. Emmons Jr., Brian Greenspan, Stephanie Boluk, Patrick LeMieux
Session 5.6 Feminist Horizons Anastasia Salter, Kathi Inman Berens, Jessica Pressman, Caitlin Fisher
Session 5.5 Transmedia Publishing Philippe Bootz, Lucile Haute, Nolwenn Trehondart, Steven Wingate
Session 5.3 Emergent Media Andrew Klobucar, Monika Górska Olesińska, Serge Bouchardon
Session 5.2 Experiments in #Netprov & Participatory Narratives Mark C. Marino, Rob Wittig, Mia Zamora
Session 5.1 Subversive Texts Sandy Baldwin, Davin Heckman, Michael Rabby, Reham Hosny
Session 4.5 Next Narrative Marjorie C. Luesebrink, Daniel Punday, Will Luers
Session 4.4 The E-literary Object Deena Larsen, Leonardo L. Flores, Lauren Burr, Aynur Kadir
Session 4.3 Emergent Media Alex Saum-Pascual, Jim Bizzocchi, Arne Eigenfeldt, Philippe Pasquier, Miles Thorogood, Elizabeth Losh, Shane Denson
Session 4.2: Historical & Critical Perspectives James O’Sullivan, Matti Kangaskoski
Session 4.1: Narratives & Narrativity Kedrick James, Illya Szilak, David Ciccoricco, Caitlin Fisher
Reapprasing Word Processing Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
Really Really Long Works Aden Evens
Prototyping Resistance: Wargame Narrative and Inclusive Feminist Discourse Stephanie Boluk, Diane Jakacki, Elizabeth Losh, Jon Saklofske, Anastasia Salter wargame, narrative, feminist discourse
Programming the Kafkaesque Mechanism Kristof Anetta
Pop Subversion in Electronic Literature Davin Heckman subversion, vernacular, propaganda, social media, public sphere, carnivalesque
Poetic Machines, Absent Authors and the Meaning of it All Sidse Rubens le Fevre e-lit pedagogy, computer generated literature, computer generated poetry, reading strategies, high school, literary quality, author roles, digital literacy
O True Apothecary Kyle Booten
News Wheel Artist Talk Jody Zellen the news, headlines, applications, generation, poetics, fiction, nonfiction
Natural Language Generation Stefan Muller Arisona
Narrative Texture Luciane Maria Fadel
Metaphorical Perspectives Alex Saum-Pascual, Ali Rachel Pearl, Amber Strother
Meta for Meta's Sake Melinda White
Medium and Meaning Hannah Ackermans, Heiko Zimmermann, Kari Kraus medium, meaning
Literary games panel at ELO 2016 Ryan House, Alanna Bartolini, Natalie Funk
Life Experience through Digital Simulation Narratives David Nuñez Ruiz
Introduction of a Post-Digital: Dialogues and Debates from electronic book review. Volume 2 Marie-Laure Ryan, Jessica Pressman, Mark C. Marino, Rui Torres, Scott Rettberg, Serge Bouchardon, Stuart Moulthrop, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
Intimate Mechanics: One Model of Electronic Literature Stuart Moulthrop intimacy of mechanics, twine, sudoliterature, paraliterature
Interactive Narrative and the Art of Steering Through Possible Worlds Christine Wilks interactive narrative, Possible Worlds, cybernetics, text-based videogame, fictional narrative, feminist, psychological thriller, playable narrative
Help Wanted and Skills Offered Deena Larsen
Hatsune Miku: A Cyborg Voice for E-lit Roman Kalinovski Hatsune Miku, pop idol, virtual, image, voice, singing, software, text-to-song, fictionality, collaborative media platform, fanculture, fanbase, recombinatory, algorithms, digital body
Glitching the Poem Aaron Angello
Generations of Meaning Hannah Ackermans generative literature, generated poetry, story generation, structuralism, readership, text, meaning making, defamiliarization, literary competence
From eLit to pLit: Benefits and Limitations of a Model for the Visualization and Analysis of Collaborative Writing in Electronic and Printed Literature Heiko Zimmermann collaborative writing, author, reader, analytical model, print literature
Exploring potentiality Daniela Côrtes Maduro
Emergent Story Structures and Participatory Digital Narrative David M. Meurer
Embracing Bots Leonardo L. Flores, Chris Rodley, Élika Ortega, Everest Pipkin
ELO conference 2016 Closing Session Scott Rettberg, David M. Meurer, Samantha Gorman, John Cayley, Dene Grigar
eLit and the (Next) Future of Cinema Steven Wingate, Kate Armstrong, Samantha Gorman
Electronic literature production – a case study of Korporacja Ha!art (poster) Piotr Marecki, Aleksandra Małecka electronic literature, Polish electronic literature, Polish experimental literature, ELO 2016, cultural producers, cultural production
Electronic Literary artifacts John F. Barber, Alcina Cortez
E-Loops: Reshuffling Reading & Writing In Electronic Literature Works Gwen Le Cor, Arnaud Regnauld, Ariane Savoie, Stéphane Vanderhaeghe
E-lit Pedagogy in Global Setting Sandy Baldwin, María Goicoechea, Odile Farge
E-Lit in Arabic Universities: Status Quo and Challenges Reham Hosny
E-Lit in Arabic Universities: Status Quo and Challenges Reham Hosny arabic, academia, university
Digital Preservation Nicholas Schiller
Digital Aesthethics Bertrand Gervais
Different Tools but Similar Wits Guangxu Zhao
Computer-collaborative Intersemiotic Translation in Loss Sets and The ChessBard Aaron Tucker
Code Before Content? Brogrammer Culture in Games and Electronic Literature Anastasia Salter brogrammer, toxic masculinity, feminism, code feminism
Building Stories Kate Palermini
Bot Rot Matt Schneider
Beyond Collaborative Horizons Jeremy Douglass, Mark C. Marino, Jessica Pressman
Best pracices for Archiving E-lit Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Stuart Moulthrop, Judy Malloy
Authors & texts Angelica Huizar, Joel Katelnikoff, Élika Ortega, Mia Zamora
Arabic E-Lit (AEL): A Network for Artists and Scholars Reham Hosny
Action Session Day 2 Nicholas Schiller, Allison Parrish, Scott Rettberg, David Nuñez Ruiz, Hannah Ackermans, Elizabeth Losh
Action session day 1 Nicholas Schiller, Scott Rettberg, Álvaro Seiça, Hannah Ackermans, Elizabeth Losh
A Critical Look at E-Lit John Thomas Murray, Agnieszka Przybyszewska
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Alvaro Seica
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